Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May 13th, 2009

I still can't believe I'm averaging about 50 hits a day without having made a post for close to 2 months.

for the record, if you care to follow.

My energy has been focused to the likes of Youtube, and Twitter nowadays. Blogging is cool, but is way to time-consuming.

You can follow me here, for a very Anderson-Cooper-ish replica of ''Twittering'' the news I deem important as it comes here.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Video: Right America: Feelin Wrong: Some Voices From The Campaign Trail [Full 47 Min Documentary]

RIGHT AMERICA: FEELING WRONGED - SOME VOICES FROM THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL is a snapshot of some of the most enthusiastic conservative Americans, once labeled "the silent majority" of the voting American public. Many of them feel so alienated over cultural and political issues that they say they will never trust the new president, the Congress or the media.

For her fifth HBO project, Pelosi visited 28 states and spoke about the fight for the soul of the country with mostly conservative Americans, who feel underrepresented by the mainstream media. From the Pulpit Freedom Day in Bethlehem, Ga. to the NASCAR circuit, RIGHT AMERICA: FEELING WRONGED - SOME VOICES FROM THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL shows a country at war with itself over the religious and cultural identities that define America. Many interviewees were particularly incensed by what they saw as a lack of any meaningful media attention given to their message during the election campaign - including their views on such hotly contested issues as gun control, abortion rights, religion and gay rights - and by a perceived media bias against McCain and running mate Sarah Palin.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Camron on Aphilliates Radio with Dj Drama

"Strong Armed" via' NahRight

Drama: I was watching the prelude to I Use To Get In Ohio, [Laughs] who is the nigga playing your cousin?

Cam’ron: That’s my nigga Bang. He actually directed the full video of I Get It In Ohio & Cookin’ Up. A lot of people don’t know, he’s also a producer. He produced Jim’s first single Certified Gangstas, he did a couple joints on my album. Now he’s in that director mode. He’s really from Chicago.. I had to take like 15 takes [Prelude video], I couldn’t stop laughing. That’s my man Duane “Bang” Holmes: producer, director, etc.

Drama: I don’t know what we’re waiting on for the Cam’ron Gangsta Grillz?

Cam’ron: I was just about to say, I never got invited to do a Gangsta Grillz, we could do that tonight. The whole shit could get done tonight. I can’t wait.

Drama: Have you been watching people come up on internet?

Cam’ron: Soulja Boy’s like the biggest example… They had wanted me to be a part of Aunt Jackie cuz they were on Koch but I couldn’t.. that wasn’t my lane, but the best of luck to them. Koch Records was distributing them and they really signed them off their YouTube hits. “Oh these guys got 200,000 hits on YouTube.” So I’m sitting there thinking to myself, damn if you get 200,000 views on YouTube, you get a record deal. If I was home, I’d have people cheating all day to get me 200,000 to walk into somebody’s office. [Laughs.]

Drama: Speaking of the internet, one of the sites that’s come up heavily in the last year and a half is The Rick Ross/50 beef is very interesting. A lot of people say it’s entertaining. I’ve said it almost seems like 50 might of learned something from y’all beef because you brought such a comedy element to the game. And even 50 has been on record saying “I didn’t know what to do with that when Cam was coming like that.”

Cam’ron: I’m a different type of animal. I had 10 million downloads off Curtis.. At the end of the day, he did a smart move with Juelz & Jimmy.. Musically I can’t wait to deal with anybody. It’s not a problem. You gotta be funny and entertaining cuz at the end of the day it ain’t like him and Rick Ross are gonna see each other in the streets.. If you can clown somebody, clown ‘em. Cuz it makes them look stupid.. If you talented, funny, and can spit, you gonna win the battle 9 times outta 10.

Drama: The album, Crime Pays, May 5th.

Cam’ron on DJ Drama’s Aphilliates Radio (2/27/09)

Friday, February 27, 2009

Video: 40 Glocc - Feels Good To Be A Gangsta (Dedication To J Dilla)

Glocc, fuck that haters. Keep it pushin' my dude. IE up.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Video: Pres. Obama Address to Congress

Nothin' short of spectacular.

Friday, February 20, 2009

CALIFORNIA LAWMAKERS "LEARN SOMETHING" - San Francisco Mayor - Gavin Newsom talks about California's Budget and Stimulus Package

Each time this guy talks he inevitably makes absolute sense.

It's rare I sincerely can't challenge a politician, Republican or Democrat on their stances. Mr. Newsom is truly a prime example of a great leader.

Royce & SlaughterHouse Detroit

Thursday, February 19, 2009

President Obama Speaks in Ottawa, Canada Today

OTTAWA – President Barack Obama proceeded cautiously in his first foreign trip Thursday, refraining from asking Canada to rethink its plans to withdraw troops from Afghanistan and saying changes to the North American Free Trade Agreement can wait. In a news conference with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Obama acknowledged that he has said NAFTA does too little to protect U.S. workers and the environment.

Canada, the United State's largest trading partner, is leery of changes to the deal.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Joe Budden - Padded Room (Full Album Version) Download

01. Now I Lay (Produced By Blastah Beats) 3:27
02. The Future Ft. The Game (Produced By Fyu-Chur) 3:50
03. If I Gotta Go (Produced By The Klasix) 5:44
04. Don't Make Me (Produced By Blastah Beats) 3:34
05. Blood On The Wall (Produced By Moss) 4:04
06. In My Sleep (Produced By The Klasix) 4:23
07. Exxxes (Produced By The Klasix) 6:09
08. I Couldn't Help It (Produced By The Klasix) 6:09
09. Adrenaline (Produced By Dub B) 4:46
10. Happy Holidays Ft. Emanny (Produced By Qwan) 4:00
11. Do Tell (Produced By Blastah Beats) 3:54
12. Angel In My Life (Produced By Blastah Beats) 3:36
13. Pray For Me (Produced By Versatile And Dilemma) 5:03
14. Family Reunion (Bonus Remix) Ft. Fabolous, Ransom And 5:50

Download "The Padded Room" here:

Sorry Joe, don't be mad at me dawwg this all I know.

Consider this promo before the Jew-Unit does it's timely destruction of the post.