Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The "Jay Electronica" Performance ... .zZZZzz..

blogs are going ape-shit over this.. so I felt at liberty to STRAIGHT JACK it from MissInfo's site.

(story taken from MissInfo.Tv)

The web hasnt been so nice to young Jay Electronica today, after his first New York performance (first, right?), opening for Mos Def at my favorite concert venue in NY, the Nokia Theater. My girl Hillary over at Parlour had a funny conspiracy theory, and the Okayplayer boards were typically tough)

But with that level of scrutiny, I think the reaction (and the sheer volume of it) says less about his unpolished live set, than it does about his highly expectant following. If folks weren’t so already so pot-committed to the guy, then they wouldnt expect so much so early. Anyways, even when the yelling and the rambling and digression, I was still impressed with flashes of brilliance that, as someone who isn’t as familiar with the guy’s move, made me see alot of possibilities.

I’ve seen alot of shows over the years, and the early ones from the biggest and the best all had one thing in common. They sucked : )

So this guy is ahead of the game already.

Here’s the youtube version of the video, if you’d like.