Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jay-Z feat. Santogold - Brooklyn (Go Hard)

"I'm Jackie Robinson, Cept' for when I run (bass) I dodge the pen"

Download: Jay-Z feat. Santogold - Brooklyn (Go Hard) (Produced by Kanye West)

Video: Ludacris & DJ Premiere Perform "Hip Hop" & "MVP" @ Hot 97 Concert

Apparently "Theater of the Mind" is classic from what I'm hearing, don't know why I haven't downloaded bought it yet.

Video: La The Darkman talks with Maya the B about Dirty Awards rumble with Jeezy's camp

La spoke with Doggie Diamondz at Forbez DVD the day after, but apparently he went in further detail with Maya the Brazillianare

Download: DJ Whoo Kid & Cashis - Homeland Security (Mixtape)

01. Homeland Security Riot
02. In God’s Hand
03. Cold World Feat B Real
04. Freedom Is Under Attack Skit
05. Never Enough
06. Eminem Brings It Back
07. 22’s
08. Can Route
09. Homeland Security Skit 2
10. What You Smokin
11. Cadillac Leaning
12. Super Max Prison Skit
13. Thug About
14. Clear The Room Feat Crooked I, Royce The 5′9
15. Around My Way
16. Robert DeNiro
17. Why Not Feat Freeway, Kurupt
18. Chopin And Movin
19. Robert DeNiro (Homeland Security Skit2)
20. You Don’t
21. Back On My Shit
22. No Saving Me Feat Hot Dolla
23. Can’t Move Fea

Download: DJ Whoo Kid & Cashis - Homeland Security (Mixtape)

Video: KRS-ONE and Kid Cupri on FOX News with Neil Cavuto

First Fox News praises Jay Rock, now Neil Cavuto has KRS-One and Kid Capri on his show as guest.

What's next Sheppard Smith hosting the HSAN?

Friday, November 28, 2008

Video: Big Kuntry of PSC gives his side of what went down at the Dirty Awards where he got arrested

Big Kuntry of PSC gives his side of what went down at the Dirty Awards where he got arrested

Big Kuntry Warns Shawty Lo If He Keep Playings He Will Leak Phone Calls Of Him Apologizing! "Eat The Chair. The City Got Our Back. Bankhead Got Our Back" [Audio]

Video: "When the West in the House OH MY GOD" Jay Rock On Fox 11 News Twice Fox 11 Co-Signing Jay Rock

Fox 11 reports "Jay Rock is known for "telling it like it is." The young rapper is a Locke High statistic... He's part of the 95% in recent years that did not go on to college and part of the 75% who did not graduate. Jay Rock, whose real name is Johnny Mckinzie, says Locke failed him and he failed Locke."

Crazy how Faux News Channel counter-acts the actual FOX Channel News.

Imagine seeing Bill O' Creily doing this segment.

VIdeo: Shawty Lo breaks silence on PSC Brawl, Big Kuntry

Shawty Lo speaks on the brawl with PSC at the Dirty Awards, says TI don't want it, Big Kuntry got punched in the face by Shawty's goons

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Video: Alchemist explains artwork for Cookbook EP

Al the Chemist explains the art-work behind the EP's " The Alchemist's Cookbook"

Video: Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parada get's Rick Roll'd

Fuckin' Hilarious. Getting Rick Roll'd has never been funnier when you literally get Rick Astley doing it live at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Video: Barbara Walters Special 11/26 HQ Michelle & Barack Obama Interview by Barbara Walters

Happy Thanksgiving everybody, off to the fam-bamily's. Have a good one.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Video: Kanye West Interview With Conan O'Brien! (Talks About Issues With The Paparazzi, His Fashion. & More)

Kanye on Conan', pretty funny.

don't think he's ever done Conan before has he?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New Dj Raze One: Side Walk Radio 4 (Blu D Edition) Out Now

Dj Raze One: Side Walk Radio 4 (Blu Division Edition)
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1. S.W.R.
2. I Won't - Quiz (Prod.
By Drop)
Betta Know Feat Conflict - Ludeboi
Like Me - K-boy
Conflict Speaks
The Gang - Conflict
Dj Ill WIll Speaks
8. Im Poppin' - Quiz (Prod.
By Yellow Kid)
9. Number 1 - G. Malone (Prod.
By LB Fitted)
Hed Speaks
Fucc The Club - K-boy
12. Y'all Dont Bother Me - Conflict (Prod.
By Meetro)
Quiz Speaks
14. He's Alive - Quiz (Off Monster Ink)(Prod.
By Erk Da Jerk)
15. Confirmation - Quiz & Conflict (Prod.
By Villian)
Ride Wit Me - Conflict
17. All Night Flight Feat Sel Davis & Confict - Stage (Prod.
By Dj Cas & Andrew Lloyd)
18. Sun Come Up Feat. Birdman, Rick Ross & T-Pain - G.
19. Only On The Left Side - K-Boy (Prod.
By Bo)
K-Boy Speaks
Roc Dat Shyt - Roc Slanga
Ludeboi Speaks
Inglewood Resident - Ludeboi
Fucc You feat Problem - K-boy
25. Dopest On The Planet - Quiz (Prod.
By Dnail & Andino)
Hed Speaks Again
27. Fuck Glasses Malone - G.
28. Make Em Mad Feat. G Malone - K Boy (Prod.
By Tweekbeats)(Snippet)
Quiz Outro
30. Setz Up Feat.
Kola, Calico Jonez, and Yo Gotti - Max Cartel (Bonus Blu D South)

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was so caught up in the political bullshit, I forgot about the homies.

Video: Angie Martinez interviews Jay-Z on television show

How could I forget about this?

Video: Grand Hustle, Shawty T.I. / Shawty Lo Camp Rumble At Dirty Awards ADDITIONAL FOOTAGE

How I aint turn to WSHH to get the REAL FOOTAGE of some hood shit goin down, here's another angle and some additional footage of the PSC/Shawty Lo brawl.

LOL, who's homie in the Orange shirt layed out at 5:20? What camp he's from? Anybody know?

Here are some additional pictures from Behind the Scenes of the altercation. As you can see, Alfemega went Ape-Shit.

The Clipse - Complex presents "Big Dreams"

"It's the re-incarnation of Raekwon, in an apron"

Clipse - Complex presents "Big Dreams" with phone interlude by Lauren London

Video: Evidence and Krondon "Solitary Confinement" Video

Ev has been on a bulletin happy rampage on MySpace about this video, as most of us do when we're heated about something.

"Rehab" by Justin Timberlake and Rihanna allegedly ripped off the treatment from Ev and Jason Goldwatch or something of that sort.

Either Way, I GIVE A FUCK NOT.

"Solitary Confinment" is my joint right now, video bitten or not. It is somewhat of a personal "rocky-esque" theme song for my day to day right now.

Click DILATED PEOPLES on my labels to order "the layover ep"

Video: La The Darkman issues a statement about the fight with Young Jeezy at the Dirty Awards

La the Darkman talks with Doggie Diamondz about the alleged squabble that "the Aphiliates" which is Dj Drama's crew that he is "president" of (I didn't know this)had with Young Jeezy's "CTE" crew at the "Dirty Awards" in ATL.

the scene of which also the Shawty Lo/TI altercation took place.

Video: 50 Cent interviews Buckshow

Buck calls in "G-Unit Sundays" to politic with Fifth for a little bit. A lot of people don't know that Buck and 50 have a long history together.

Video: Hell Rell shot in the ass?

Max B and Frency have a chuckle over Hell Rell allegedly gettin "shot in the ass"

Video: Larry King: Economy fix? 11/24/08

In the world of ''shit you should be interested in", seems like when I get back to the hip hop I get more visits, but please watch this. If you're going to be alive the next 10 years and are planning on being a taxpayer this is pretty important stuff you should know.

with that, PRESS PLAY.

Video: Alan Colmes leaves Hannity and Colmes

The Crypt Keeper Alan Colmes (I kid I kid) leaves Hannity and Colmes on Faux News after 12 years.

Now Sean Hannity will have his own platform to make more and more zombies out of grown white men in America.

Video: Joe Budden sees the "Tighest Pair of Jeans ever"

"did you see these jeans and say, HOLY SHIT!!.. those are for me"

Video: Grand Hustle, Shawty Lo Camp Rumble At Dirty Awards

Radio One's fourth annual Dirty Awards ended abruptly this evening when two separate altercations erupted reportedly between rapper Shawty Lo and members of the Grand Hustle camp tonight (November 24).

An eye witness told that the tension between the two crews mounted during Shawty Lo's performance, which included a diss version of Grand Hustle artist Yung LA's song "Ain't I."

As Lo performed his version with a chorus "Don't I," an audience member identified by an eyewitness as Capitol recording artist Alfamega, allegedly threw a chair onto the stage.

Yes those images were jacked from MTO, read the rest here.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Video: T-Pain comes face to face with the Master

"I throw a silver dollar and a lady gets hurt, YO STOP SNITCHIN'"

T-Pain meets the new kid on the block and is left with only one choice, to gracefully submit.

Exclusive - One of George Bush's Pardon's was rapper John Forte'

A Grammy Award-winning rapper and music producer originally sentenced to 14 years in prison for smuggling cocaine is one of 16 people receiving pardons or reduced sentences from President Bush.

John Edward Forte of North Brunswick, N.J., a graduate of the elite Phillips Exeter Academy prep school who later became a producer for the rap group The Fugees and released two albums on his own, was caught in 2000 at Newark International Airport with two briefcases filled with $1.4 million worth of liquid cocaine, according to court documents.

Holy Shit, it was right under my nose (no pun intended) in the last post. Reference to the second "blockquote" in my last posts and John's name is right there.

Damn, for all the mayhem that's transpired throughout the past 7 years at least we walked away with a Black President and John Forte' free.

Bush = 1

Video: Bush pardons 14 and commutes 2 prison sentences

WASHINGTON – President George W. Bush has granted pardons to 14 individuals and commuted the prison sentences of two others convicted of misdeeds ranging from drug offenses to tax evasion, from wildlife violations to bank embezzlement, The Associated Press learned Monday.

The new round of White House pardons are Bush's first since March and come less than two months before he will end his presidency. The crimes committed by those on the list also include offenses involving hazardous waste, food stamps, and the theft of government property.

Bush has been stingy during his time in office about handing out such reprieves.

Including these actions, he has granted a total of 171 and eight commutations. That's less than half as many as Presidents Clinton or Reagan issued during their time in office. Both were two-term presidents.

On the latest pardon list were:

_Leslie Owen Collier of Charleston, Mo. She was convicted for unauthorized use of a pesticide and violating the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act.

_Milton Kirk Cordes of Rapid City, S.D. Cordes was convicted of conspiracy to violate the Lacey Act, which prohibits importation into the country of wildlife taken in violation of conservation laws.

_Richard Micheal Culpepper of Mahomet, Ill., who was convicted of making false statements to the federal government.

_Brenda Jean Dolenz-Helmer of Fort Worth, Texas, for reporting or helping cover up a crime.

_Andrew Foster Harley of Falls Church, Va. Harley was convicted of wrongful use and distribution of marijuana and cocaine.

_Obie Gene Helton of Rossville, Ga., whose offense was unauthorized acquisition of food stamps.

_Carey C. Hice Sr. of Travelers Rest, S.C., who was convicted of income tax evasion.

_Geneva Yvonne Hogg of Jacksonville, Fla., convicted of bank embezzlement.

_William Hoyle McCright Jr. of Midland, Texas, who was sentenced for making false entries, books, reports or statements to a bank.

_Paul Julian McCurdy of Sulphur, Okla., who was sentenced for misapplication of bank funds.

_Robert Earl Mohon Jr. of Grant, Ala., who was convicted of conspiracy to distribute marijuana.

_Ronald Alan Mohrhoff of Los Angeles, who was convicted for unlawful use of a telephone in a narcotics felony.

_Daniel Figh Pue III of Conroe, Texas, convicted of illegal treatment, storage and disposal of a hazardous waste without a permit.

_Orion Lynn Vick of White Hall, Ark., who was convicted of aiding and abetting the theft of government property.

Bush also commuted the prison sentences of John Edward Forte of North Brunswick, N.J., and James Russell Harris of Detroit, Mich. Both were convicted of cocaine offenses.

Under the Constitution, the president's power to issue pardons is absolute and cannot be overruled.

Some high-profile individuals, such as Michael Milken, are seeking a pardon on securities fraud charges. Two politicians convicted of public corruption — former Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham, R-Calif., and four-term Democratic Louisiana Gov. Edwin W. Edwards — are asking Bush to shorten their prison terms.

One hot topic of discussion related to pardons is whether Bush might decide to issue pre-emptive pardons before he leaves office to government employees who authorized or engaged in harsh interrogations of suspected terrorists in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. Some constitutional scholars and human rights groups want the incoming administration of President-elect Barack Obama to investigate possible war crimes.

If Bush were to pardon anyone involved, it would provide protection against criminal charges, particularly for people who were following orders or trying to protect the nation with their actions. But it would also be highly controversial.

At the same time, Obama advisers say there is little — if any — chance that his administration would bring criminal charges.

lol, people are going apeshit over this. Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.

Video: Evidence of Dilated Peoples makes a beat

As an avid Dilated Fan from "The Platform" days, it's nice to see their careers flourish as they did. Ev's new LP is no sloucher. I don't usually co-sign too many album, especially once released after 2006 but if you were ever a Dilated fan you will enjoy this.

COP IT FOR 6.99!!! here

November 24, 2008
All smiles here!

Bush, speaking on the steps of the Treasury Building, said he talked to his Treasury secretary, Henry Paulson, about the Citigroup rescue on Sunday night as Bush flew back from a Pacific Rim economic summit in Peru. He also talked to Obama about the decision, and Paulson is working closely with the president-elects transition team, Bush said.

I'm sure you all heard about the CitiGroup bailout. With all these government handouts to corporations. How fucked are our taxes going to be over the next decade is what I'm wondering.

Video: Obama announces economic advisors 11/24/08

Obama announces economic advisors
By David Edwards
President-elect Barack Obama and Vice President-elect Joe Biden officially announced key members of their economic team today, naming Timothy Geithner as Secretary of the Treasury and Lawrence Summers as Director of the National Economic Council. Obama and Biden also named Christina Romer Chair of the Council of Economic advisors, and named Melody Barnes and Heather Higginbottom to serve as Director and Deputy Director of the Domestic Policy Council.

RAW STORY has more details here.

This video is from CNNs Newsroom, broadcast Nov. 24, 2008.

Video: Gangs in California feat. Part 1. Tavis Smiley, Alex Alonso, Connie Rice and Valdemar

Tavis Smiley interviews Connie Rice, Alex Alonso, and Sgt. Robert Valdemar on the issue of street gangs and what are the appropriate approaches to deal with these youth group and whether presidential candidates Barack Obama and/or John McCain will address this national problem.

Video: Kanye gives Lil Wayne AMA Award

Didn't even know the AMA's were on. But Ye' gave his shit to Weezy?

Ye' was snatching best Pumpkin Carving awards from kids at the "Thissletown County Awards last year. Now he's giving AMA's out?

Video: Jadakiss" Al Qaeda Jada " Original Web Series Pt.4

I know it was 7 parts to this, but I was too busy caught up with the political shit to post.

Video: 50 Cent On Shade 45 G-UNIT Sundays: Jadakiss Speaks On Jae-Hood

New on Shade 45 is G-Unit Sundays and they started off with a BANG last night. Video of the show was shown on 50 came in and took over after the first hour and was joined by Angie Martinez, Whoo Kidd, Ludacris, Nelson of the Gomez Bros., Jadakiss, Bow Wow, Pinky the Pornstar, and Buckshot. Sundays will never be the same.


Listen/Download: G-Unit Sundays: Feat. 50 Cent Jadakiss Angie Martinez Ludacris Bow Wow and More

Shit is like an hour and a half long of Jada and 50 politickin' about the business. Definently worth listening to.