Friday, February 29, 2008

"It just seems like I was here yesterday... I WAS... uhh kinda"

If there were ever a video that could summarize the word ''fuckery'' this would be it.

guranteed laughs

"To ensure the highest quality service this call may be monitored"

F*ck you!!!!

more laughs from the soundboard prank call vault.

haha.. remember this classic sonning?

To CRANK or not to CRANK

that is the question.

Soulja Boy is the topic of discussion with Yung Berg, Project Pat, Lyfe Jennings, TJ Chapman and Chief Justice Erik Parker

I think Budden's said it best ''how you claim you a thug but you superman, I just seen you in the club doin the superman"

Cloverfield (1-18-08) GAME.

still in stage development. This is the ''hud'' point of view test run from the game itself.

In 92503 news...

the homie Epic took home the Inland Empire Music Awards ''Best Rap'' awards a few weeks ago. Here's the Press Enterprises article on him.

Stereotype Music Group's Epic was also featured in hip-hop weekly,
make sure u check out SMG TV here...

download dj raze one & epic: rude awakening mixtape here

will. i. am. breaks down the music industry heirarchy

by the time the music actually makes it to the album .. the profits have been washed through about 4 sets of hands already. damnnnn...

sound worse than the mafia.

HUGE Re-Up Gang Drop...

first.. the interview I was late on.

then an extensive interview with Pete Rosenburg on Hot 97

later Pusha (goes at Wayne) and Malice (takes jabs at Pharrell) while they kill a ''freestyle'' over the Big Pun you aint a killer beat

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Lil Wayne speaks to MTV about his addiction to Syrup and his recent arrests

this man is obviously out of tune with reality. At the end of the day though. You've got to respect it, as much as you and I, know that he's slowly killing himself.

He gives his all to his music. It seems like he wants go out as a Marytr.

All in all, with all the syrup related deaths in hip hop, he should take a step back, but He's a grown man who makes his own decisions. The STATS are there though.


Shot out to the homie UMajesty over at StreetKnowledge tv for postin this footage.

he was also the first to bring you the FIRST OFFICIAL Saigon response after the drama with the Mobb.

T.I. gets sentenced to Eternity

vid taken from yashin. tv /

damn?... mandatory Minimum for possesion of a silencer is 10 years in Atlanta?

They throwin the book at Clifford. DAMN.. if this is true. My prayers go out to him.

"Doin' Time 101" with Rock of Heltah Skeltah

taken from

Rock (whom recently just caught an attempted murder case) is now out of Riker's and breaks down the "Booking Process" to those ''smart,dumb n*ggaz (no kramer)" who aint never been knocked.

haha.. damn they broke it dowwwwwnnn ::jamie foxx voice::

one thing I sure don't miss about my teens was going through this process.

Don't know the status of his case but I hope he don't get knocked. I been waitin on that new Heltah Skeltah album bout as long as I've been waitin on "DETOX"

new Jay feat. Mary J and Swizz Beatz "You're Welcome"

while surfing MissInfo's site.. I was linked to this site You Heard That New and I was ''linked'' to a new song by Jay and Mary..

allegedly the ''exclusive'' song they're going to be peforming on their tour.

anyways.. enough typin

What's BEEF??....

in this video from

long-time Jim Jones affiliate and former "Byrd Gang" song crooner.. Max B takes on a new moniker as ("Jim Jones Killa").. and takes jabs at Kay Slay.

why they aint fuckin with each other anymore(no homo)? I don't know. But I do know Jim dropped a pretty penny on Max's bail that he stemmed from his last charge (no homo) ..

Overall, I'm a fan of both and wish this ''biting the hand that feeds you" trend can end already.

what happened to loyalty?

Live from HeadQuarterz* Radio with Pete Rock 11-9-07

photo taken from

I don't know how I got ahold of this podcast last year, but when I did I chopped it and threw in on youtube, this was when Pete Rock was a guest on the show promoting "NY's Finest"

he got on the wheels and dropped some gems.. ranging from an unreleased Mitchy Slick joint to Lil Wayne, to Rhymefest.

Live From Headquarterz

and pick up that new, promptly titled, Pete Rock "N.Y.'s Finest" album if you haven't got it already.

In 92503 news...

The city's Police Department ''gets away with murder'' again.. LITERALLY.

photo used from

I don't know how many wrongful death cases the RPD have to catch before city officials do something about the corruption in our police department, but as a proud native, I've been in fear of the RPD since they killed Tyisha Miller in 99' around 4 minutes away from where I was at the time.

story taken from Pe. com

Riverside city agrees to settle shooting death for $800,000, as report on incident is offered

08:41 AM PST on Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Press-Enterprise


An earlier headline for this story incorrectly stated the amount Riverside has agreed to pay to a man's family. The city has agreed to pay $800,000.

The city has agreed to pay $800,000 to the family of a man shot to death by Riverside police.

The announcement came Wednesday as the Community Police Review Commission's investigator gave a report about the October 2006 shooting death of Douglas Steven Cloud.

City officials would not comment on the decision to pay $800,000, which was independent of any decision the commission might make.

Cloud's mother, Teresa Cloud, addressed the board.

"He was shot with no warning," she said. "He didn't deserve to be gunned down."

The family sued the city and the Police Department in federal court for civil rights violations and wrongful death.

The commission will now review the report and deliberate on whether the shooting was within policy and make recommendations. Private investigator Butch Warnberg provided a 61-page report detailing interviews with witnesses and taped interviews of officers supplied by the Police Department. The report offered new information that officers believed Cloud may have been armed and attempting to reach for a gun. No gun was found after the shooting.

That account is different from what police Capt. Jim Cannon told the civilian review board in a briefing on the shooting weeks after it occurred. At that time, he said that Cloud was driving recklessly and suggested that officers shot Cloud because he was trying to run them down.

According to Warnberg's report, Cloud stole a paint sprayer from Home Depot on Indiana Avenue in Riverside. Employees chased him through the parking lot and he was beaten at his car by several people.

An officer at Home Depot reported Cloud as a suspect in a robbery at the store. Cloud drove away and crashed into a palm tree and a truck.

A man working at a nearby car dealership tried to help him and soon 11 officers were on scene. Officer Brett Stennett, trained in emergency medicine, tried to open the mangled car's doors and then unsuccessfully tried to pull Cloud through a window, Warnberg said.

Officer Nicholas Vazquez told Stennett to step back. Cloud did not speak when police requested he put his hands up or get out of the car, Warnberg said.

Within 20 seconds of the officers arriving, Cloud was shot five times by Vazquez and Officer David Johansen, Warnberg said.

Johansen said he saw Cloud move his right hand as if reaching for a weapon.

"If I would have waited, I would have been shot," he said in the taped interview, according to Warnberg's report.

New Strong Arm Steady feat. Paul Wall "Swack You"

Strong Arm Steady feat. Paul Wall "Swack You"

what you think? Not the SAS i'm used to, even Mitchy gives a disclaimer on his opening verse .. but overall a "slapper"

another HOOD NEWS exclusive.....

just got another EXCLUSIVE report from HOOD NEWS.. ''the leading authority in NOTHING" this time Dick Shittman and his colleauges take us ....

live into the ''TerriBowl" 2008.

TerriBowl Introduction…

National Anthem with T-Pain and Ice T….

TerriBowl finals, Mike Jones vs. Hurricane Chris vs. Hell Rell….

please.. for every and any thing ''Hood News Related'' .. refer to me or MissInfo....

New Music "Maybach Music' Rick Ross feat. Jay-Z

whoever produced this beat.. good job.

But the Alchemist flipped this blue magic sample 10 times better on ''right and exact'' for dilated peoples.

MayBach Music - Rick Ross feat. Jay-Z

Pick up Rick Ross sophmore "Trilla" in stores March 11th. (if you didn't catch it the 8th time throughout the song.

In the building and feelin like YEEE...

r.i.p. to mac d-r-e"....

it's amazing what 16 hours of sleep, coffee and a rockstar can do. and other blogs got the nerve to call it a ''slow day''

In HipHop Summit Award News

Your Boy Jim Jones accepts HHSAN award and gives another ''heart-felt'' acceptance speech.. (no homo)

in additional Jim Jones news "Harlem's American Gangster"s first week numbers are in and gotdamnn.. that's impressive considering the state of the game.

taken from

get your money Jim, or utilize properly and give a blogga a job.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

To any exsisting, or potential readers

I apologize for not postin shit today. It's been a looonggg day. Updates tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

In 92503 news...

as a loyal, hard-working EX- employee of my city's School District. It appears that I wasn't the only one who was on the fast-track to getting completely fucked over by them.

story taken from

Riverside Unified to cut 319 full-time positions, rejects teacher pay deal

10:00 PM PST on Monday, February 25, 2008

The Press-Enterprise

RIVERSIDE - Riverside Unified officials announced Monday that the district will eliminate the equivalent of 319 full-time positions for the next school year, cutting $26.6 million from its 2008-09 budget.

Today, the school board may vote to close Grant Elementary School, the district's smallest grade-school campus, and take more budget-trimming actions such as eliminating its SAT preparatory classes and the Riverside Virtual School, the district's online instructional program.

"If we're really going to do that, they need to know that as quickly as possible," board president Chuck Beaty said.

The cuts come in response to an anticipated decrease in state funding.

Monday's announcement came after the school board voted on Friday to trim its teaching and other certificated work force by 10 percent, its managerial staff by 11 percent and the number of classified positions by 6 percent.

The board also voted Friday to reject a tentative deal giving teachers a 6 percent raise in salary through June 2009.

"Our feeling is we're going to hold them accountable to the tentative agreement," said Mark Lawrence, head of the Riverside City Teachers Association, the local teachers union. "We may have to go back to the table but we could end up in an impasse very quickly."

Riverside Unified, the second-largest school district in Riverside County, last year counted 1,845 teachers on its payroll, according to state education data. Affected employees will get pink slips by March 15, district officials said Monday.

Among the decisions, the board approved eliminating the district's kindergarten through second-grade class-size reduction program, class-size reduction in ninth-grade math and some language arts classes.

The board also voted to eliminate the elementary music program, including six itinerant music teachers, and the elementary counseling program. Each high school will lose a counselor, and five high school librarian positions will be eliminated.

District officials said that some of those 319 positions could be eliminated through attrition.

"Lots of things can change between now and when the state adopts its budget," said Deputy Superintendent Mike Fine, the district's chief finance officer. "We will adjust accordingly as the state adjusts."

Students at Grant Elementary were to take letters home to their parents Monday, alerting them to the possible closure. The board may decide on the school's fate during today's open study session at 2 p.m. in the board room, 6735 Magnolia Ave.

Reach Imran Vittachi at 951-368-9283 or

when Arnold's dumb ass first was inaguarated as ''governator'' they tried to hit us first with these cuts.

Looks like they're bringing em back. My heart goes out to all the Riverside Unified School District employees who are about to join the afterlife of RUSD employment.

West Coast Wenesday's or (tuesday I mean)

Some early treats from (the suprisingly sunny) Cali....

Glasses Malone feat. Akon "Certified" -VID-

Tha Jacka - Is The Dopest *mixtape* from here.

1. Intro-cr
2. Sicilian breeze-cr
3. Please dont depend on me ft. messy marv-cr
4. Doin it moving-cr
5. Hey girl remix ft. husalah-cr
6. Break em off ft. ampichino fed-x-cr
7. Youll never understand-cr
8. Thrones and crowns-cr
9. Money-cr
10. Turned out ft. akata-cr
11. From the bay-cr
12. Got paper-cr
13. Punch triggers ft. lil lee d-dre-cr
14. Go cop whatever-cr
15. The drama ft. cormega husalah fed-x-cr
16. Cuz im a mack-cr
17. From the hood ft. husalah san quinn-cr
18. Starz ft. ampichino-cr
19. Barney (more crime)-cr
20. Gonna pay for that ft. pretty black lee majors-cr
21. Drug life-cr
22. I try ft. ampichino jynx (go dav)-cr
23. Drug dealers ft. ampichino-cr
24. Da underworld-cr

Omar Cruz and BYI entertainment at Power 106

Jay-Z feat. Pharrell "I Know" VID

I haven't even been listening to the radio or watchin TV, is this the new single off A.G.?

Bash Bros. feat. Sean Price and Big Pooh "Rock the Spot"

"listen' it go Joe Piscipo, laugh if you want and the whole clip unload" - Sean Price

"rock the spot" Bash Bros. feat. Sean Price and Big Pooh

don't know who these ''bros'' are but they from the Yay.. and they have two of my fav rappers on they song.

SO of course I had to post.

"The Light" 2008 feat. Marsha Ambrogious (prod by Just Blaze)

any common/j dilla fan who's skeptical of this ''remake'' ... STOP (it's hammertime).. nah

don't be.. Just Blaze did this song justice and having Marsha sing your hook can never be a ''bad'' thing.


Papoose talks to

I like how the big , larger than life, "THIS IS 50" banner is strategically placed flush with the ''artist'' who's being interviewed all the time.

while I do appreciate the knowledge this brotha displays, his music doesn't always co-incide. But I aint gonna lie ''ambulance'' is my shit.

shot out to 50 and G-Unit...

Hot Rod from G-Unit's "Pick of the LItter"

Hot Rod from G-Unit and comrad to an AZ counterpart of mine, petah roy, picks at video hoes to see who's slutty enough to make the cut.

looks like fun. Come whisk your boy away... I could pick video hoes all day..

Don't Call My Mothafu#*in House no mo'....

another genius prank call on youtube. used with ''angry black man'' soundboard.

Bill O' Reily re-unites with his long lost ''brother''

Monday, February 25, 2008

Is there a weezy translator in the house?

weezy incoherntly speaks on beef with 50 Cent...

taken from

as the days go by, i'm starting to think that Wayne's brain is on perma-fry.

Sean Price "Boom Bye Yeah" Live...

looks like Rock isn't sweating that murder case he just caught.

"F@cking Ben Affleck"

Jimmy Kimmels "F@cking Ben Affleck"

Response to Sarah Silvermans's ''I'm fu(king Matt Damon) .. funny shit.

2 New Rakim tracks "Hip Hop" "It's Nothing

looks like the ''god'' Rakim has finally served up some offerings..

"hip hop"

"It's Nothing" (prod. by Just Blaze)

Kool Herc sues Jay-Z for $5 Billion

according to the new york observer.. Kool Herc is suing Jay and a Bruce Ratner due to some sort of project building.. read the story here.

Mr. Ratner, Jay-Z, and Barclay’s are all linked through the $4 billion Atlantic Yards project in Brooklyn, for which Mr. Ratner plans to build a Frank Gehry-designed basketball arena for the Nets and more than 6,000 apartments. Jay-Z, a partial owner of the Nets, has been a major supporter of the project, appearing at press conferences to tout its merits. Barclays owns the naming rights to the arena, and has been accused of having links with the slave trade—an accusation the bank denies.

In the claim, Mr. Campbell said that Mr. Ratner and Jay-Z worked “in concert” with Barclays, and “profited from the African Slave Trade and continue to profit from these gains, through a conspiracy dating back hundreds of years and continue to date to oppress Black people, enslave them, unlawfully deport them to all corners of the Earth.”

When Dad Leaves the house

the boys will play.

looks like when Jim, Juelz, or CAM aint around. Freeky's the designated ring-leader, and "thug love" is theme of the night.

from the semi-circle jerk, ''get your glittery belt game up'' contest at 1:16. to the agressive "man-hugs'' Zeeky gives Un Kasa throughout his freestyle at the 2:26 mark.

something says this party was an e-pill or patron shot away from turning into a complete, homothug orgy.

New Nas track *What It Is (First Listen By Dj Khalil)*

might be off his new album. I'm not sure, but Khalil never ceases to amaze.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

"Hell Up In East Harlem" Harlem documentary DVD

taken from

This documentary is based on the influences of gang members, drug dealers and rappers in Harlem growing up in 1970. Before Harlem was known for your favorite rappers, it was known for the violent gangs that fought against each other in 1970s. Afrikka Bammbada created a peace treaty within the gangs by organizing one of the largest crews, called the Zulu Nation. The Zulu Nation found a constructive way to compete with one another through rap culture, but when drugs like crack flooded the poor neighborhoods, it helped turn gang members into crack dealers and dope pushers in the early 80s.

Cormega breaks down the formation of "The Firm"

don't know if this is off his latest DVD or where it's from. But it's mad insightful. Mega breaks down the Firm's formation and destruction in this interview.

"In the mean time, it's Jimmy Iovine time"

props to for being the GOAT of everything and all that is hiphop/urban related as far as the videos go.

Jimmy Iovine chairman of Interscope Records (the machine behind the Aftermath powerhouse) speaks a variety of things ranging from the lost ''art of artistry'', the steps to an actual ''record contract'' and on the viral age and adapting as oppossed to well, opposing it.

it's obvious 50 has picked at this man's brain (no homo) ever since Em signed him.

Prodigy still speaks the ''dunn language''


Since the leaks I've been predicting crack. XXL and a couple of other ''hip hop reviews'' have confirmed That's P's still the head nigga (no kramer) in charge.

Here's some of my youtube videos of h.n.i.c. 2 leaks.

"Livin the Life" prod by Alchemist


"My world is empty without you"

and for the circa' late 90's heads like me. ..

some Vintage "P"

"The Saga"

R&B Singer J-Holiday "caught" with some doo-dee

taken from

February 23, 2008. has learned that R&B singer j Holiday was arrested on Thursday night for posession of Marijuana. According to police reports, J Holiday and his friends were pulled over on a "routine" traffic stop and marijuana was discovered.

When is all these entertainers gon learn... act like you still in the hood.. you gotta have stash spots in the whip/tour bus/ etc.

"I'd appreciate if you address me as Colonel or Sir, I believe I earned it"

YouTube soundboardprank calls are guranteed laughs. there's 100's.. here's a few of my fav.s

Ricky Roma wants the Cadillac and 6,000 that's owed to him.

Jack Nicholson doesn't appreciate the ''tone'' blackjacks pizza gives it's customers

Chris Hansen wants to know ''can I tease and please your (blank) with my toungue, do you shave down there?"

Diddy Does Letterman 2-22-08

take that .. take that..

M.O.P. feat. Bilal "Get Rich"

new music from the former- (G Unit/Roc-A-Fella/Loud) Brownsville bangers.. (no homo)

Cloverfield (1-18-08) GAME.

if you know me from my youtube account.. you know I was heavy on the cloverfield trail.

youtube user OOTWPCS has constant updates on anything related to the movie.

I guess a game is going to be made out of it, which is logical.

It appears you have some sort of a following

to have the priveldge of people responding to you. I tend to forget that, lol. I'm still picking and choosing the ''template'' so bear with the changes.

I will keep it simple.

new music off of Pete Rock's latest effort ''N.Y.s Finest" which was must needed.

I know of Royal Flush .. heard his music back in the late 90's. Never was really a big fan, but with a beat like that backing you. You could be reciting the national anthem and it'd sound dope.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Grand Opening, Grand Closin'.....

Jesus.. after all the blog-skimming and wasted time I've spent browsin other peoples blogs where they've recieved hip hop NEWS 5 hours tardy, I had no idea I could've created on this easily, Otherwise I would've hopped on the viral bandwagon when it started and it would've been a wrap-peezzzyy... ''swishasss or phillies''

good news for me... maybe bad news for y'all. I now have a place to vent. 95% of the shit I have to say is arguably me whinin about what I don't have, lost, or want. Or issues the majority of population agree with that I don't

to keep it simple, I'm an ex artist who gave up on his craft but still loves to give his 110% un-filtered opinion about what's goin on in the game, entertainment business, and the industry as a whole.

If you with it, comment, contribute, hate, love, whatever gets you right.

I will be bring you exclusive music, news, as well as any creative efforts I myself have dabbled in.

- mr. 92503