Saturday, February 23, 2008

Grand Opening, Grand Closin'.....

Jesus.. after all the blog-skimming and wasted time I've spent browsin other peoples blogs where they've recieved hip hop NEWS 5 hours tardy, I had no idea I could've created on this easily, Otherwise I would've hopped on the viral bandwagon when it started and it would've been a wrap-peezzzyy... ''swishasss or phillies''

good news for me... maybe bad news for y'all. I now have a place to vent. 95% of the shit I have to say is arguably me whinin about what I don't have, lost, or want. Or issues the majority of population agree with that I don't

to keep it simple, I'm an ex artist who gave up on his craft but still loves to give his 110% un-filtered opinion about what's goin on in the game, entertainment business, and the industry as a whole.

If you with it, comment, contribute, hate, love, whatever gets you right.

I will be bring you exclusive music, news, as well as any creative efforts I myself have dabbled in.

- mr. 92503