Monday, June 30, 2008

Uh Oh!! Max B TV hits You Tube

get your boards out, the waaaavvveeee is coming.

40 Glocc's not gettin any love?

How is the king of the E not getting any love.

When Keepin It Real Goes Wrong....

"who the fuck drives a taurus, she looks like a taurus, what the fuck is wrong with you... that's the line of the yearrr" - Big Chance

Oh Lord, the FUCKERY runs rampant in this video. Notably the desecration of the infamous Rockwell/Michael Jackson callab.

40 Glocc diss song to Tyga'

BEEF MIX!!! Take ur story Tyga and shove it because 40 Glocc & Village Boo aren’t feeling it.

Download Tyga Diss Feat. Village Boo - 40 Glocc

Ouch!! Beware of Falling ROC

I usually don't fuck with The Real due to corniness of most of their videos, althought every now and again they come through with some funny shit.

lol@.. "WHO" caption when the focus is on Tearri Marie.

Video: Jim Jones and Freeky speak on Various Things and their top 10

("I was sippin that cristal when alotta y'all niggas thought it was beer and shit" - Jay Z)

I think we just found the human version of Beavis and Butthead. These guys really need media training.

lol@.. Jim and Freeky being the "Imaginary Players" Jay was referring to in this video.

Video: GAME speaks on his relationship with Busta throughout the BEEF's

lol@.. the flight story.

Juan Epstein 25? MCA (from the Beastie Boys)

Download - Juan Epstien 25 Here

A funny and introspective Juan Ep.. taken from Juan

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Video: Jay's full Glastonbury performance

How in the fuck did motherfucker's in Britain or wherever the fuck this is have a chance to see Jay before a California Native did?

Video: Glastonbury and all the Jay-Z that came with it

Jay sons the band Oasis (of which the lead singer said that ''hiphop wasn't appropriate for the festival") by singing their own hit song, guitar playing and all.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Extra Nerdy Juan Epstein : Bonus Episode

(Juan Epstein Bonus)

Download: Juan Epstein Bonus

The Game ft. Jadakiss, Bun B, Pusha T, Fat Joe, Young Buck, Keyshia Cole & Queen Latifah - Game’s Pain (Remix)

(just spotted this at NahRight)

So I guess that rumors of him and Buck working together can now be put to rest.

The Game ft. Jadakiss, Bun B, Pusha T, Fat Joe, Young Buck, Keyshia Cole & Queen Latifah - Game’s Pain (Remix)

Live from Riverside - It's Saturday NIGHT!!

I'm so wiped from last night, so I'm on my usual saturday night grizzle, relx, burn something, cupcake with the wifey and wait for SNL to come on.

lol@.. the Clip, and they Shia Lebouf's a douchbag? If before you die you want to do something, watch SNL after payin tribute to Marley.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Video: Young Berg "In My Hood" Rap City Freestyle

Typically, A Young Turd video would be followed by some insulting commentary.

but he did his thing in this one, can I stand the little fucker? Hell Nah. Someone still need to whoop the dog-shit out this lil kid.

Video: Tyga speaks on Chain Snatchin Incident

oh so you sayin the homie 40 lyin'?

Glocc, what you gonna do about that?

Video: DJ Lazy K Speaks On Jim Jones & Max B Beef

so I explained the status of the blog for a little while.

No commentary for the time being, probably just a bunch of WorldStarHipHop Videos that I'm posting so I don't have to physically go to WSHH everytime I wanna watch one.

BIG UPS TO THAT RASCO INTRO TRACK on the beginning of this video. Damn that was random.

Do you're reasearch on that guy, Rasco. He's a swell rhymer.

M.O.B. VS. G-Unit

I say both tank as far as record sales. Still haven't thoroughly listened to either though they are both fully downloaded on my hard drive (no homo).

Thursday, June 26, 2008


wtf... people are on they cartoon game as of late. Everybody from the West makes a guest appearance in this one.

lol@.. the Terminator-esque "Game-Bot".. half man/ half Impala. hahahah

Video: Young Buck at the Store

Summer Semester and work are killin' me.. expect a lot less from here on end. I'll still post occasionally though.

(i.e.) Instances like this, Broken Epuipment is back on they grizzly. From the same people who brought you the legendary DipSet Series.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More F*ckery: Crank Dat Ice-T vs Crank Dat Soulja Boy

Everybody knows it's violation to incriminate Ice for his role in Breakin' ... even though it is funny as hell.

Video: Ice-T vs. Soulja Boy (The Cartoon)

lol. The GOAT's of youtube, Broken Equipment make light of the recent Ice T vs. Soulja Boy WebCam Battle that's been going as of late.

Video: The Game & Lil Wayne Perform New Song

aint that about a bitch, I was offered tickets to Powerhouse but I didn't know the line-up so I turned it down.

Man I need to start listening to the radio more often.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Video: Lil Wayne's The Carter DOCUMENTARY Trailer

"THE CARTER" documentary teaser


An in-depth look at the artist Dwayne LIL' WAYNE Carter Jr, proclaimed by many as the "greatest rapper alive" With comprehensive and personal interviews with Lil' Wayne, this film will also feature insight from those that know him best. The world will finally get to know the history surrounding one of the most prolific artists of this generation.

if it's got the QD3 stamp, it must be alright. Sound's a tad bit intriguing.

Charlie Rock LD from TS Speaks on his relationshipo with Joe, etc.

if you're not familiar this is the "charlie rock LD" pun shouted out on "Capital Punishment" Damn Joe fucked dude over.

Who's actually still around that was from the original terror squad?

Ross & Fox to Tie The Knot..

FOXY BROWN is engaged to fellow rapper RICK ROSS, according to reports.
Brown - real name Inga Marchand - and Ross' relationship became public earlier this month (Jun08), after their hip-hop collaborations developed into a romance.
Hip Hop Weekly claims the couple are now planning to wed, after the troubled star accepted Ross' proposal.
The publication alleges Brown, 28, is set to move to Miami, Florida with Ross, 31.
Brown previously married former Death Row Records rapper Kurupt in 1999, before the pair separated.

snagged from GhettoFabo by way of Contact Music.

Mr. Cee and 50 Cent on Hot97 playing the “Sincerely Yours” mix

Here's the audio for the visually impaired.

Mr. Cee and 50 Cent’s Throwback at Noon Special

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

snagged from Miss Info

Juan Epstein #24?....

Juan Epstein 24

Download: Episode 24

Damn Ciph and Pete's on peezy this week.

Jim Jones Documentary PT. 2

If it's anything like "Day in the Life" I'm watchin...

Diddy and Wayne spew a few lines of inspiration..

"you be you, if that doesn't work, then this isn't what you should be doin" = lil wayne

R.I.P. George Carlin

just got out of class right now... and learned of his death through Evidence from Dilated People's bulletin on myspace.

A true innovator. The Richard Pyror of White Comics if you ask me.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

50 breaks down the Buck beef Live with Candian Television

Curtis's first televised interview after all the drama that's transpired throughout the week.

Speaks on Buck, his current projects, and his role in the new movie Microwave park

Video: 50 Cent 14 minute confessional

Curtis speaks on detail to about a wide variety of things.

Most interestingly his perspective of the Buck situation and the relationship with Shaniqua.

Why and how he was inspired to create his new mixtape, Sincerely Yours with Mister Cee, which features Fif spitting over nothing but throwback R&B joints

Classic Throwback: Peter Rosenberg Interviews Alchemist (circa 1st Infantry)

Dope ass Interview with Alchemist with Rosenberg from back in the day, breaks down how he came up, speaks on making the transition from being a regular kid in college to actually branding his name and focusing on his music to the controversy behind the "We Gon Make It/Home Sweet Home" beat.

Classic Stories about being in the studio with Pun, DRAMA being on the road with Mobb Deep, and the ''handcuffing'' Al had to with a broad to keep the Mobb away from runnin Trizz. I believe he referenced on a Juan Ep podcast.

and of course, rappers who make guest appearances in Rosenberg's Sex Dreams. lol.

Part 1

Part 2

All My Movie Buff's...

Subscribe to barringer82 on youtube. He's an editing genius and his videos are the ishh.

See if you can de-cypher his top 100 in this video.

Jay Smizzle speaks on Young Buck/ Curtis Phone Convo

great points made, but with Godfather reference, comparing Buck to "Fredo" is kinda harsh.

Juan Epstein 23, Part 2

This behind the scenes Juan Ep features an appearance from my pops, MJ Rosenberg..


My Dad, MJ Rosenberg, with the Senator talking the Middle East peace process


 Juan Epstein 23 - Part 2 [54:12m]:

Download: Part 2 | Link to: Part 1

Where's Lady Snoops Dad?

that dude needs a REGULAR SPOT.

So. Cal Sundays....

Kurupt feat. JellyRoll "She Likes to What"

Spider Joke digs his nose in boo boo's ass and follows suit with the Buck dissin.

The Eastsidaz feat. Kokane - Pussy Sells

Video: Ice T fires back at Soulja Boy

Iceburg is Pissed!!

I haven't posted any of the ''back and forth'' vid's between these two because I think this has to be on of the silliest ''beefs'' I've seen for a while. I thought Ice was out of line in the first place for his remarks.

The result of too much time/money, and internet access.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bernard on Shade 45 with Whoo Kid

digs in Buck's ass for the phone conversation, and utilizes the rest of his air-time wisely by taking the standard jabs at all of his advisories.

T.I. on Cocaine City

Clifford In His Gated Community Speaking On Coming Up In ATL (According To Reliable Sources Like Shawty LO, It Wasnt Bankhead) But It Is What It Is

Video: Dj Skee interviews Shawty Lo


Dj Skee & Dj Reflex bring Shawty Lo through "The Takeover" on Power 106 to break down the beef between himself and T.I. and let the world know what went down at ATLs Birthday Bash. Shawty disses T.I. but explains the reality of the beef and how it started in Atlanta. This will explain everything and squash the rumors... bankhead!

Edited By: Aaron Banks for Skee.TV
Shot By: Teddy For Skee.TV

This "is t.i. from bankhead shit is becoming a bit disturbing. Celebrity or not, one man should not be worrying about man man so har.