Friday, October 31, 2008

Video: Jay-Z: He Came. He Saw. He Conquered [Full 51 Min. Episode]

BBC broadcasts an hour special on my favorite rapper, and your favorite rapper.

Jigga Jay-Z.

Video: Senator Barack Obama aired a full half-hour ad on CBS / Rachel Maddow Interview with Barack Obama

with 4 days left, there isn't really much left to do let nature take it's course.

Registered VOTERS, VOTE!!!

it is your duty, exercise your citizenship, and please make an informed choice.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Video: One-on-One w/ Max B (Pt. 2)

Jabari rides the wave for a few.

Video: Keith Olbermann dismantles Joe the Plumber

Let's stop feeling so sad for poor Joe the Plumber, who just wants his teensy little piece of the American dream. In his original comments to Obama, Joe explained that he was about to buy a company that would make profits of about $270,000 a year. If that profit bumps Joe's own income over $250,000, then he'll be making more money per year than roughly 95 percent of his fellow Americans. In that case, yeah, as Obama explained to him, Joe won't be getting that middle-class tax cut.

Video: Joe the Plumber believes Barack Obama's presidency will be the End of Israel


... and effect

Monday, October 27, 2008

Video: Alchemist and Evidence fly the KYTE

Alchemist records Evidence's best B-Real impression

Forgot al had a blog for a minute.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Video: Ralph Nader on SNL's weekend update

Ralph Hader Bill Nader Ralph Nader, the ''third party'' presedential candidate stops by SNL's weekend update.

While Bill did his best, it's kind of hard to parody Ralph. For many reasons, the obvious would be that his face and speeches sound like that of a Jose Cuervo induced man.

Video: SNL "Obama Address"

Hip Hop advocates, I apologize for all the "non-hip hop" posts.

I promise, after the election buzz has settled a little and/or SNL's season is over. You will probably have to be subjected to a lot more of these posts, I apologize.

Sidebar: SNL was great this weekend, as was Real Time on Friday

Video: 2008 Cypha Prt 1 & 3 illy Northpole, Hime, Blaq Poet & Cory Gunz - Hurricane Chris,Bun B,K'naan,Q-tip

2008 Cypha Prt 1 Hurricane Chris,Bun B,K'naan,Q-tip, Willy Northpole, Hime, Blaq Poet & Cory Gunz - BET Cypher Round 2

Friday, October 24, 2008

Video: BET Hip Hop Awards "Ace Hood, Juelz Santana, Fabolous & Jadakiss" Cypher

"I'll tell you this much hip hip is not dead, change gon' come just like Barack said"

Amazing Cipher by Ace Hood, Juelz Santana, Fabolous & Jadakiss .

Let me get back to the essence real quick.

all this political shit has had me slippin' on my hip hop.

Video: Weekend Update Thursday: 10/23

Yes the infamous Will Ferrel George Bush endorsement, update, and Magic Map.

in it's entirety.

Video: SNL Update: Fred's Map/Fix It!

fucking awesome.

anyone who watches "AC 360" on CNN has been in complete awe of John King's "Magic Map"

It's a complete laugh-fest to see it spoofed.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Video: Random McCain Sonning by Obama

"and I can't teach you my swag, you can pay for school but you can't buy class"

Video: SNL Sarah Palin and the Eskimos "Palin Rap"

The infamous, "Sarah Palin Rap"

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Congress Passes Bailout

I know I'm late on this.

Kristen Wiig, Darryl Hammond and Fred Armisen are carrying SNL on their backs this season.

That Barney Frank impression is hilarious.

Video: Late Show w/ David Letterman - Sen John McCain, Full Interview

The full 25 minutes.

Finally after the Al Davis dinner, McCains show some humility.

I remember hearing of McCain in past elections, didn't quite know too much about him, no more than I knew about Obama. But I hear his campaign in previous runs actually made alot of sense. As opposed to the bullshit I see now.

I don't want readers to think I'm a ''leftist'' or ''liberal'' which I was just called for the first time ever an hour ago.

I'm just for someone who makes sense.

In John's defense, If you are leaning towards him for President I recommend you watch this interview. If McCain has ever had a plea to his case this appearance on Letterman would probably be one.

Dave actually only sticks it to him in the last 3 minutes, and for the First Time that I've ever seen gets questioned about Gordon Litty.

Video: SNL McCain Lady/We Liked It 10/16

The Crazy McCain Rally Lady stops by and Seth and Amy in "We Liked It"

"He's going to change the White House into a pyramid"

Video: SNL McCain and Joe the Plumber BFF 3rd and Final Debate

"Now on the question on people who I'd bring into Government let me say here tonight that as President I would be the first to add a Cabinet Level, Department of Plumbing, and you know who I'd tap for that post?

Joe the Plumber?


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Video: Young Turks "Can America Really Elect Barack Obama as the Next US President"

*10/18 edit

"Press Play"

Video: Eminem interview with Kay Slay and Angela Yee at Book Release Party

as you may or may not know.

America's favorite Caucasian, is releasing a tell-all bio about life as Marshall Mathers.

I don't know the in's and out's but I think his book release party was in Brooklyn or something, so who of course better to Interview him than the top radio personalities on his Sirius Radio Station.

Angela Yee and Kay Slay.

Listen to both parts, pretty intriguing stuff.

The Most Racist Moments Of The 2008 Presidential Race

Bill Clinton is usually pitch perfect when it comes to race, but when an African-American stepped in between his wifey and the White House, Slick Willie started talking greezier than a m’ug. Basically, Obama waxed that ass in South Carolina, a state with a notably large black population, and Billy Bob was all, “Whateva… Even Jesse Jackson’s loser-ass won there in ‘84 and ‘88, cocksucka you!” Barack didn’t dignify the diminutive head-pat with a response, but somewhere Jesse Jackson whispered into a hot mic that he hoped to one day crush Clinton’s nuts.

I don't know who blogs at COMPLEX.

but their political/satrical posts are always hilarious. Check the rest of the "The Most Racist Moments Of The 2008 Presidential Race here.

Video: Jay Z at the Re-Opening of the Hollywood Palladium

I don't think people know how mad this makes me.

This was supposed to be my birthday gift, but tickets were starting at 150.00. Don't he know we're in A RECESSION.

Anyways, here's Jay at the Hollywood Palladium last night.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Here's the TrackListing:

1. Intro
2. David Banner,Busta Rhymes,Talib Kweli “Black President” Rmx pt1 *
3. Barack Obama “Stand Up”*
4. Nas Speaks on Politics
5. Styles P and Cassidy “Make It Out”*
6. Jay-z Speaks “The American Dream”
7. Barack Obama “One Mic, One People”
8. Russell Simmons Speaks on Obama
9. Joe Budden,Twista,John Mayer “Waiting on the World to Change 2008″
10. Angie Martinez “Yes We Need A Mixtape!!”
11. Kanye West,Malik Yusef “Promised land
12. Wale,Rhymefest,Christina K, Royce 5′9 “Black President” RMX Pt2*
13. Barack Obama “My Life”*
14. Jay-z “Lick a Shot”*
15. Russell Simmons on Change
16. Wyclef “Obama for President”
17. Charles Hamilton “The Moment”
18. Find ur Dreams (interlude) *
19. George Bush’s Highlight Reel
20. Mikkey Halsted “King George” *
21. Obama on Hip-Hop
22. Joel Ortiz feat Dante Hawkins “Letter To Obama” *
23. Akon , U.M. “Aint No Sunshine” *
24. Qadir, Dwayne (Invasion) “Its My Time
25. Johnny Polygon (Invasion),Amanda Diva “Colorblind” *
26. Mavado “We Need Barack” *
27. Jay-Z / Gabe Real “What We Need” (Speech)
28. Qadir “Yes We Can” Outro

Y'all know I don't really agree with the marriage between HipHop and Barack because it has only brought negative attention to his campaign which I don't blame either side for. Just doesn't really benefit anyone.

With that said, Green Lantern and Russel Simmons have spent the last year carefully putting this mixtape together.

WSHH has uploaded the whole joint. It's pretty inspiring as a hip hop fan.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Video: David Alan Grier - "I Want a BLACKER President"

sorry for the wait, but expect lesser.

had to climb out of obscurity to post this though. DAG is the man.

Video: 40 Glocc on

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Video: Political Cluster-F*ck of the week

Check (0:23)

Let me play "Fox News reporter" for a minute, if they were hypothetically on the Left and follow up with.

"Fellow, WHAT!!!? Innocent Mistake or Freudian Slip of the Toungue? We'll let you decide"

sidebar: If Obama would've made a slip up like that, it would've been on Fox News headlines and the topic of discussion for a week.

Video: 40 Glocc Addresses The Lil Wayne Confrontation with VLAD TV

The King of the E talks in depth about the infamous Lil Wayne confrontation.

Video: Hip Hop Honors 2008 Cypress Hill Tribute with Fat Joe, Jim Jones, Gym Class Heros

Fucking Amazing.

I can't believe I missed this. The chronological order of the songs follows the same time-line that my interest in East Coast rap started growing.

Video: Inside The Mind of Lil Wayne

Inside the mind of Generation Y's ''Favorite Rapper"

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Video: Michelle Obama Interview on Larry King LIve Oct 08, 2008

Sounds and look likes the next "First Lady" to me.

America, Welcome the Obamas.

Throwback VID: Real Time with Dr. Michael Dyson, Ann Coulter and Chris Rock

found this roaming YouTube.

I wasn't even wathing Real Time back in 03'

It's funny that, this is post/pre BUSH election/re-election and the subject matter in here against Bush is almost the identical to the current discussion about Palin.

Check 5:00

Maher gives it to Ann, then Chris comes out of nowhere and adds the icing on the cake.

Video: CNN reports Global Reaction To Obama-McCain Debate

Video: Ludacris and 9th Wonder: "Do the Right Thing"

Ludacris and 9th Wonder discuss the making of "Do The Right Thing" off "Theater of the Mind"

sounds dope.

Video: Joe Biden at the Sundome in Tampa, FL 10/8/08

In his first rally after his vice-presidential debate, Joe Biden spoke to a crowd of 3,500 at the Sundome at the University of Sout Florida.

Video: Tom Brokaw (Last Night's Debate Moderator) on Morning Joe MSNBC discussing Debate

thoughts anyone?

Video: 40 Glocc on Vlad TV talks Lil Wayne

The King of the E talks to Vlad, in detail about his dis-stain for Weezy.

Cipha Rosenberg talk about "Religulous"

big ups.

Cipha and Rosenberg talks about "Religulous"

Video/Audio: Royce Da 5'9 "Shake This" (prod. by Dj Premier)

Above is the "video trailer"

Below is the song...

Royce D 5′9 - Shake This (Prod. by DJ Premier)

Max B on Lip Service with Angela Yee

The Wave Invades Shade45 on LipService with Angela Yee, now I haven't listened but I'm sure this is probably going to be one of the most entertaining Lip Service's to date.

you know when it comes to entertainment, Max B is going to deliver.

(*edit) = Max denounces the rumor that he got shot

Max B on Lip Service with Angela Yee Part 1

Max B on Lip Service with Angela Yee Part 2

Video: Ruste Juxx LIVE @ SOBs PART

One of three live Ruste Juxx clips from his show at SOBs. This one features his hit VIC FLAIR. Sean Price Presents Ruste Juxx "INDESTRUCTIBLE" in stores October 28th on Duck Down Records. Catch JUX...

While the debate last night and McCain rally this morning are really what I'd like to talk about. I'll keep the blog at it's roots.

Here's a cut off Juxx's album droppin' on the 28th.

Typically I'd rant about how under-rated Juxx is but I got more on my mind right now. But don't sleep.

Juxx is one of the best N.Y. Rappers in the game right now, above or below ground.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bill Maher's Movie "Religulous"

Saw the movie Saturday. EXCELLENT FLICK. In accordance.

One of my favorite YouTube Channels "TullyCasts"

who airs a good portion of Bill Maher's Real Time episodes now has a blog.


Don't know if it's designed strictly for ''real time'' or if it's going to be a Blog for the person behind ''tullycasts'' personally.

but none the less, it will be insightful.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Juan Epstein: Inteview with Large Pro

Large Pro On The Juan Epstein Podcast

Via Don’t Get Gassed & Rosenberg Radio

Also: Video: Large Pro On The Juan Epstein Podcast

Previously: Industry Shakedown Freestyle (Video) | Main Source - Front Door (Live) (Vintage Video)

4 day weekends over, My b-day was on Saturday.. and Jesus Christ I'm getting old.

In the never-ending disreguard I have for "blog ethics"

I had to blatantly copy and paste from Eskay due to the lack of energy or just plain interest I have on this Monday.

Enjoy children.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Video: Barack Obama on Current Unemployment statistics in America

"Since January we've lost 750,000 jobs in America."


Know your President: Short Auto-Bio on Barack Obama

A biography of Barack Obama that played at the 2008 Democratic National Convention, prior to Barack's acceptance speech.

Audio: Maino talks to Jenny Boom Boom about Smacking Yung Berg

In an attempt to re-group the scattered remains of what was once his dignity, pre ''Chain Relief".

Word on the streets Net is that Yung Berg approached Maino at "said" club in ATL on some confrontation shit and instead of speaking back Maino unleashed the self-proclaimed"Hand of God" in response.

I can type the in's and out's but you can just here it here from the source his-self.

Download/Listen: Maino Speaks on Smacking Yung Berg