Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Video: VladTV runs with Ransom & his goons to Joe's Best Friend's crib

Ransom & Goons Go To Joe Budden's Best Friend's House & Lay A Smack Down! "Joe Your Next. Ima F*ck your Girl. Fab Really F*ck'D Your Girl. You Run With A Whore. We Can End This By You & Me Fight It Out" [Round 2]

Jim Jones "duffs" Ne-Yo and Jay-Z?

New York rapper Jim Jones may be in some legal hot water soon after allegedly being involved in a physical altercation with R&B singer Ne-Yo and Jay-Z's longtime pal, Ty Ty.

The rapper fueled the rampant rumors earlier today after a morning show interview with Last Vegas's Hot 97.5.

According to the rumors circulating, Jones and his entourage ran into Ne-Yo and Ty Ty at New York's ultrasheek Loui Vuitton store on Fifth Avenue. One of Jone's people reportedly made and belittling comment about Jay-Z towards Ty Ty and when he tried to respond things got out of control.

"I can't say too much about it," Jones tells JNoise on the morning show. "Stuff popped off," he continued. When asked about Ne-Yo, Jones simply chuckled. He went on to say he respects Jay-Z but it "is what it is."

This incident comes days after Jones' last public confrontation with security and NYPD outside of Okayplayer's Christmas party. Jones didn't take too kindly to being denied access and said some not-so-nice things on his way out. You can check out video of the incident below.

I highly doubt Jim or any other rapper for that matter, could physically get close enough to Jay to start an altercation.

Video: Dj Scream - Heavy In The Streets [Full Street DVD Documentary]

The hottest mixtape in the streets has now become the hottest DVD in the Streets! DJ Scream, the #1 mixtape DJ in the country, has the music game on lock. From breaking numerous southeastern Hip-Hop acts to touring with major national artists, Scream has conquered the music scene. Now by teaming up with Rap Hustlin', the biggest name in the DVDs game, Scream is expanding his Hoodrich Kingdom with an in-depth documentary covering all aspects of the street scene in Atlanta. From the strip clubs to the streets to the studio, the Heavy in the Streets DVD gets you up close and personal with the true movers and shakers of the ATL industry. Get your copy today and find out why DJ Scream is truly “Heavy in the Streets!”

Product Details:

Shawty Lo
Soulja Boy
Playaz Circle
Gorilla Zoe
Young Jeezy
Pastor Troy
Project Pat
Da Shop Boyz
Killer Mike
Franchize Boyz
OJ The Juice
Crime Mob
Greg Street
Dj Nabs

Strong Arm Steady feat. Mistah Fab and Planet Asia - "Sunny CA"

The West Coast 1st String Spitters, release some new KLAK KLAK KLAKKLAK

Listen/Download : Strong Arm Steady feat. Mistah Fab and Planet Asia - "Sunny CA"


Video: John Brown w/ HOT 97's Peter Rosenberg - Speaking About Money In Hip-Hopd

The "King of the Burbz" meets with the "King of the TURDS, FERGUSON that is"

Skillz - "Wrap Up (2008)

Rough Radio rip of the 2008 Wrap up by Skillz…Everything gets Covered from Suge gettin knocked out, The Keyshia Cole Show, 50 Chain gettin Snatched, Rick Ross being a C.O., O.J. Simpson, R.Kelly found not guilty, Young Bergs Chain goin on Tour, Sarah Palin, and Barack Obama.

Skillz continues his close to a decade long tradition of ''breaking down'' the most talked about events that transpired throughout the 2008 year.

"Skillz - 2008 Wrap Up"

Speaking of the year passing, Happy New Years to anyone reading.

Video: Bill O'Reilly Calls Kanye West A Pinhead For His Performance On SNL! [12-16-08]

Bill O' dismantles Kanye for his "epic fail" of what was supposed to be a live, Auto-Tuned induced performance that went wrong.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Video: Blagojevich names Burris to Obama's Senate seat

Blagojevich names Burris to Obamas Senate seat
By David Edwards
In a Tuesday afternoon press conference, Ill. Gov. Rod Blagojevich announced that he had chosen former Ill. Attorney General to take Barack Obamas Senate seat.

RAW STORY has more details here.

This video is from, broadcast Dec. 30, 2008.

Did this motherfucker just say ''feliz navid y prospero' ano' nuevo". Blago is a character.

Video: Bam Margera & Brandon Novak interview on Radio Planet with DJ Whoo Kid

Dj Whoo Kid Interview Bam Margera & Brandon Novak: Bam Margera Hates Spencer From The Hills For Saying He Makes $100K For Club Appearances "What Does He Do Thats Any Cool, Hates Nickelback, & Freestyle

Ayyyyyooooooooo... Did Bam just say he jerked off on Novak?

92503 News : Several California state laws go into effect this Thursday, January 1st

Taken from pe. com:

Law and order

AB 259: Makes it a misdemeanor to provide salvia divinorum, a hallucinogenic plant, to any person 18 or younger.

AB 919: Creates new “cyber-bullying” penalties.

AB 1976: Increases the punishment for making non-emergency calls to 911.

AB 2098: Makes it a misdemeanor to slaughter, buy or sell so-called downer cows for human consumption.

SB 1407: Raises fees on court filings and parking tickets to pay for a $5 billion courthouse bond.

Transportation and Housing

AB 180: Requires foreclosure consultants to register with the state Department of Justice

AB 1954: Authorizes high-occupancy toll lanes on Interstate 15 in Riverside County.

AB 1971: Allows the use of studded tires year-round. (Some new tires have retractable studs.)

SB 28: Bans texting while driving.

SB 1316: Gives the Riverside County Transportation Commission permission to build high-occupancy toll lanes in the median of Highway 91 between the Orange County line and I-15.

SB 1567: Lets people put GPS devices on their windshields.

SB 1720: Creates penalties for trafficking in phony “Clean Air” stickers for cars.

And more

AB 102 (2007): Makes it easier for men to take their partner’s last name when they marry or enter into a domestic partnership.

AB 1108 (2007): Prohibits the sale of products containing phthalates for children three or younger

AB 1347 (2007): Sets new standards for the treatment of animals in pet stores.

AB 1778: Targets the theft of cans and other recyclables by imposing new rules on recycling centers.

SB 107: Sets standards for wave-pool operators and requires life jackets for young children.

SB 691: Requires junk dealers to collect fingerprints and other identification from people selling scrap metal.

SB 1595: Updates regulations on clearing vegetation around houses to reduce the fire threat.

Still to come

AB 97: Beginning Jan. 1, 2010, restaurants cannot serve food made with oil or margarine containing artificial trans fats. Beginning Jan. 1, 2011, restaurants cannot serve any food made with artificial trans fats.

AB 3025: Beginning Jan. 1, 2012, prohibits the sale of plastic foam “peanut” packing material.

SB 375: By September 2010, gives each region of the state a target to reduce heat-trapping gasses and requires the regions to adopt growth plans to achieve these targets.

SB 1420: Beginning in July 2009, restaurants will be required to disclose nutritional information in a brochure. Beginning in January 2011, nutritional information must be on the menu.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Video: Joe Budden and Ransom

Joe Budden Wants To Dead Beef WIth Ransom? "Ransom You Win For Being Stupider Than Me. I Don't Want Him To Die. My Girlfriend Has Never Cheated On Me With Fab. Yes She Does Have A History"

"Joe the Rapper" sets the record straight.

Video: Barack Obama On 60 Minutes "Road To The White House" [Full 25 Min Show][12-29-08]

Barack Obama Road to the White House. Catch 60 minutes on CBS

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Video: "ransom got the shit beat outta him, and i taped it" (Joe Budden TV)

u can talk about joe budden all day..... take it outside of that, u take it outside of rap.... better be built ford tough...

ransome talk stupid again an i'm leakin footage, i swear, like all 4 one

lol, Within a day of releasing this?

Joe need to release that.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Have a Merry Merry DipSet X-Mas

"We sing songs and give gifts on Christmas, Happy Kwannzzaaaa

We celebrate Kwanzza and make toys and dishes"

Merry X-Mas to you and yours.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Video: 60 Minutes with Barney Frank 12.14.08

Barney Frank has been called the "smartest guy in Congress," which is lucky for us since he works on some of the thorniest issues around.

The 14-term, 68-year-old Harvard-educated Democratic congressman from Massachusetts is chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, which means his portfolio includes banks, housing and now the auto industry.

He has been at the center of both the $700-billion dollar rescue for financial institutions, and the bailout attempt for the car companies that failed in the Senate.

He worked on both this past week: pressuring Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson to deal with home foreclosures, and negotiating with the White House on the loan for GM and Chrysler. True to textbook liberalism, Barney Frank worked hard to keep the carmakers out of Chapter 11.

Reguardless of the heavy criticism, I think this man is an Icon. There are a number of reasons why.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Video: Jamie Foxx Speaks On Roasting Comedian "Doug Williams" & Smashing His Co-Host "Claudio Jordan"!

Foxx will always be top 5, with Pryor, Murphy and the best of em'

Linked this when it zSHARED

40 Glocc (Feat. Locie Loc) - Net Blog This

Gotta love it when Homies is thrown up the "E" all throughout the video.

Even Raza from West Side Verdugo.

The King of the "E" goes in on all the "Blawgahs" (No Jimmy)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Video: Joe Budden VS. Joell Ortiz (Studio Beef)

"Yo, you tryna' Conform and make me a Conformist"

Jesus, no wonder why this man takes so long to make albums.

If it's in-significant arguments like these each session aint shit gon' come out.

Video: Inside the Lab with Havoc of Mobb Deep

Don't know how dated this is, but it's ill none-the-less.

Video: The Game Interview w/ The Parker Report

Video: Kanye West Interview with KROQ

80's Horror Movie Extra International Superstar Kanye West sits down with Cali's KROQ to talk where he's currently at in his personal life and career.

and if you ask me, it's off the deep end.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Video: Obama's Senate Seat - To Hold a Special Election or not - State Senators Blagojevich Press

Video: Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich first press conference since ARRESTED

December 19, 2008
Governor Rod Blagojevich news conference
Ed Jensen Criminal Lawyer
Sam Adam, Jr. Attorney

Video: John Brown @ OkayPlayer/Frank 151 Xmas Party (Jim Jones trades words with NYPD)

The King Of Da Burbz gets his Revivalism on @ The Okay Player/Frank 151 Xmas Party @ B.B. Kings. Includes footage of Dame Dash, Jim Jones, Q-Tip, Pharoah Monch, 88 Keys, Black Thought and Mr. Met. Can I Get A Witness??

Jim Jones of course continues his tradition of trading explitives and taunts with NY's Finest.

Sidebar: No threats of "Wedgies or Noogies" were made this time around though.

Video: Jim Jones on FunkMaster Flex

"read my name, my name is Joseph Jones now check the credits...

Wyka-Wykapedia and all that, go check that out, see what they say and all that

Wykapedia, huh?

Say what you will about him, but Jimmy definently entertains.

Video: Royce the 5'9 - "Shake This"

I know you done heard this one. Here is the freshly Rik-Cordero Directed video for one of Royce's most personal songs to date.

"Shake This"

Love this fuckin' song.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Video: David Axelrod on Morning Joe talking about possible Barack Obama ties to Governor Blagoevich

Axelrod on Morning Joe Posted: Wednesday, December 17, 2008 11:29 AM by Mark Murray
Filed Under: States, Democrats, Obama WH Transition
From NBC's Ashley Codianni and Mark Murray
Earlier today, we noted Obama senior adviser David Axelrod's appearance on Morning Joe, where he parried questions about Obama's and Rahm Emanuel's ties to embattled Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

Video: Sr. White House Advisor David Axelrod discusses the latest questions surrounding whether or not White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel had any inappropriate conversations concerning the Ill. Senate seat.

"[T]here isn't a person involved in Chicago politics who would tell you that Barack Obama and Rod Blagojevich had any kind of close relationship," Axelrod answered. "They never did. They weren't from the same political factions in Illinois politics, and they weren't close."

Joe Scarborough finally gets his chance to grill one of Barack's Cabinet members, in this case, David Axelrod (Sr. White House Advisor), about Barack Obama's vacant Senate seat in Illinois being auctioned off.

Here is the entire transcript...

Video: Joel McHale on Countdown with Keith Olbermann (Talk's about Iraqi Reporter throwing shoe at George Bush)

"I saw a report and I'm not joking where it said that throwing a shoe in Iraqi culture, is considered, get this??, an INSULT. And uhhhh, I was confused for a moment cause I thought it might've been a mating ritual, but almost, I'm gonna say almost in any culture when you're throwing a shoe, it's going to be an insult"


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jim Jones Interview with Angie Martinez

Jim Jones Interview w/ Angie Martinez Pt. 1

Jim Jones Interview w/ Angie Martinez Pt. 2

yes. I did swipe this from

Video: Dame Dash on Jim Jones and Jay Z

This is the most in depth I've ever seen Dame go in on this subject.

Monday, December 15, 2008

XXL presents: Top 10 Hip-Hop Trends That Just MUST Cease To Exist In 2009

8) Rappers performing with live bands- To be fair, this whole “rapper with live band” thing works when the rapper actually has songs that require a band. But I do not want to hear the Ying Yang Twinz backed by a live band. Be honest, you just added the band because a rapper standing on stage holding a microphone is pretty fucking boring (see: Nas).

Amen, to that.

XXL goes in, and from 1 to 10 I agree with them on everything. Read the rest of the rest of the "Top 10 Hip-Hop Trends That Just MUST Cease To Exist In 2009" here

Video: Bush: 'I'm not insulted' by thrown shoes

Bush: Im not insulted by thrown shoes
By David Edwards
President Bush told ABCs Martha Raddatz that he wasnt by a Iraqi journalist who hurled shoes at him.

I thought it was interesting, I thought it was unusual to have a guy throw his show at you. But Im not insulted. I dont hold it against the government. I dont think the Iraqi press corps as a whole is terrible. And so, the guy wanted to get on TV and he did. I dont know what his beef is. But whatever it is Im sure somebody will hear it.

ABC News has the entire transcript here.

This video is from ABCs World News, broadcast Dec. 14, 2008.

The fact "Dubya" finds this whole thing is amusing is in itself, AMUSING.

Jadakiss Feat Lil Wayne - Death Wish

"These old niggas still think they livin' in the 80's, and shorties that they knew since they were babies, turned crazy"

You already know why Baby’s baby is pouting up there. Kiss blacked the fuck out on this, and apparently there’s another southern rapper that’s gonna hop on this

Props to the Legends.

Jadakiss feat. Lil Wayne - Death Wish (No DJ)

Kiss' bodies this shit.

Video:Max B & French Montana Pay A Visit To Jim Jones

Off The new Cocaine City 12 DVD. In stores now.

Max B Gets Heated At The Camera Man & Talks Crazy About Jim Jone's Girl) "Lets Fight Over That Bitch Chrissy. I Could Put This D*ck In Chrissy's Mouth & Pull That Fake Teeth Out. Make Her Suck It"

I don't know who Jim was referrencing to with his trademark "Gooniiees" call, but I think Max and Frenchy gotta whole of them.

Video: Tru Life Missin? Womp Womp Womp: Tru Life Is Back With More Money Than Ever & Its Still The R.O.C! [Fixed]

Tru Life tells the people hes still around with lots of money. Off the new Cocaine City 12 DVD. In stores now!!

Is this motherfucker serious?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Video: Dip Set & Ludacris Perform @ Hot 97 Concert In NYC

Dip Set & Ludacris Perform @ Hot 97 Concert...

Luda's love for Dip-Set "confuses and concerncs me" - Dane Cook

Video: Styles P, Jadakiss, Freeway, and Beanie Sigel on stage together

90's babies, may not understand the significance of this.

These are 4 men I never expected to see on stage with each other. Fuck a "Dip-Set/D-Block" callaboration album.

How sick would a "State Prop/D Block" joint be?

Video: Iraqi Journalist throws Shoes at George Bush

Sheds a whole new light to the term "Shoe Bombing".

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Video: Rosenberg Pocketumentary : A DJ Premier Tribute

Peter Rosenberg pays tribute to Primo through the words of common, kanye, ludacris, epmd, and dj cipha sounds.

Your favorite rap artists elaborate on their favorite Premo beats.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Video: Peter Rosenberg presents: Noisemakers Interview with Dj Premier

DjNessNYC reports "Peter Rosenberg presents: Noisemakers A new live series with your favorite artists, producers, etc... Watch here as Premiere talks about Heather Hunter, Best New Rappers, who he'd like to work with, and a few more topics..."

"You hear everyone laughing so hard that someone has a big porn collection but, if half you motherfuckers laughing in here, if we could take your hard drive and convert it to a physical form collection, you'd have a fuckin library"

Peter's a fool.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Video: Alleged EX Obama-Recruiter Goes Off On Black Street Preachers! "All You "N" Will Always Make Sh*t Money.You Will Always be a F*cking Nigg**"

This is what happens when you toss Loudness and Ignorance in the same frying pan.

WTF, is that Kimbo Slice in the cut?

Video: Exile live on the MPC 2000XL

Exile - Bounce from Okayplayer on Vimeo.

Exile from "Below the Heavens" fame, goes Improv on the MPC 2000XL for Vimeo.

Jesus, I miss my MPC2000XL dearly. Someone suggested that I buy the MPC 1000, especialy because I already know the AKAI/MPC set-up.

Said it's relatively cheap and does almost everything the 2000XL did with the exception of a few things.

Can anyone elaborate?

Ghostface Killah: "Computer Love"

Just heard this the other day, apparently it surfaced on Halloween day, I couldn't tell you because I was still wrapped up in my short stint in Political Blogging at the time.

None the Less, Ghost effortlessly rips apart Roger Troutman's classic "Computer Love" ala' "Holla" in which he tore down the classic Delphonics Song "La La La Means I Love You" straight through, no sampling, rapped right over their vocals.

Gotta Love that.

DOWNLOAD: Ghostface Killah - Computer Love