Wednesday, December 3, 2008

92503 News: Etta James talks about movie 'Cadillac Records'

Historic Musical Icon and long time Riverside Resident talks to about "Cadillac Records" the new film, loosely based on her life played by Pop Star Beyonce' Knowles

Etta James is in her twenties, blonde and recording "At Last" all over again--at least on the big screen.

Beyonce portrays the vocal legend and Riverside resident in "Cadillac Records," a film about the rhythm & blues revolution and the stars of Chess Records, a record label that helped launch the music into the mainstream. Beyonce also tackles some of James' best-known songs in the movie, which opens Friday.

Perhaps the toughest critic she has faced is James, a movie-lover who said in a telephone interview this week she can complain about anything.

"I never like anything that's done on me," she said.

But James, 70, attended the premiere in Los Angeles last week and gave Beyonce a raving thumbs up.

"She did a good job. I just think I'm really blessed that she did this movie and she did it like she did," she said.

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