Thursday, July 31, 2008

Video: Bishop Lamont on Shade 45 with Angela Yee

Oh My God .. this motherfucker just murked 10 straight minutes of classic instrumentals effort-lessly.

Bishop, that was a good look, finally someone on NY radio aside from Crooked who represents.

Video: Sean Price "In the Middle of Nowhere"

When you're on a dirt path in the middle of UTAH getting passed by garbage trucks, it can seem all too much like a scene out of "The Hills Have Eyes." Luckily Sean Price and his two Jewish Road Managers made it back to Brooklyn, NY safely, where Sean Price could complete the new Heltah Skeltah album "D.I.R.T." in stores September 30th on Duck Down Records

Who would've thought the 2008 4th Quarter would bring to fruition two albums I've been waiting on for years, D.I.R.T. and Chemical Warfare.


Week 2: Cipha and Rosenberg Interview Diddy

That's quite the look. Diddy and Juan Epstein, "Who'd of thunk it"- Jay-Z

Damn news of the quake traveled cross coasts already? To my non west-coast heads, all of us in Southern Cali to Vegas to Diego under-went a 5.8 yesterday. Shit woke me out my slumber.

Download/Listen to : "Diddy on the Juan Epstein Cipha Sounds/Rosenberg Morning Show on HOT 97"

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Video: Joell Ortiz "Good Times"

As far as rap goes, there's only a handful of others I place my trust in to keep me interested still, because as of about a year ago, my love for hip hop was put on life support.

My Top 5 inclue this guy include this guy and Buddens.

Ortiz is fuckin dope. Wish the good ole' Doc wouldn't of dropped him, but then again.. can you imagine Joell creating a record to Dre's approval on some club shit? Not his forte'

The pain and suffering niche' is more Ortiz.

Video: Cypress Hill works on new album with the Soul Assasins

Although I'd definently prefer that, now defunct, Soul Assasins III project. This will do.

Sound promising.

Video: Young Buck's First LIVE radio interview since his departure from G Unit


Fat Joe does Juan Epstein Ciph and Peter's Morning Hot 97 Show

Jesus, there is a vast difference between The Morning Show and Juan Epstein You can tell Rosenberg was relieved as hell to be able to curse on the last Podcasts.

On this morning show, they sound a little douche-baggish.

Download/Listen to : Fat Joe on the Cipha Rosenberg experience 7-29-09/

Prodigy's a fool...

Dude had a alot to get off his chest before his bid.

This is already like the 8th video I've seen of him shittin on random cats. He really does a thick resume of trend-setting. For example, him videotaping hisself, which he did extensively circa' early 2000.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rick Ross interview on Power 98.3: Still Denying the Pictures?

With a host of shit I have to do, and taking calls about this earthquake. I had to do this.

Ross still denying it? Come On Dogg. I've been riding with you so far, but you gonna take this shit to the extent aren't you?

It aint that you were a C.O. It's because you lied about it. Lying is a major character flaw, especially in the game you in. Just keep it funky. Admit the shit and make up some excuse.

Say you didn't want to say shit, cuz you was doin dirt in the pen and didn't want the judicial system to remember that you were in jail ''trafficiking white'' to the prisoners or some shit. C'mon man, you creative on that mic. Apply to this.

in related posts: Agllah say he aint feelin you either.

My 92503 Heads.....

y'all feel that?

Some objects standing on the dresser and hanging from the wall took a spill. That was a pretty beefy quake.

Woke me the FUCK UP.

Kanye visits Iragi War Vet in Austin, TX

Straight Swipe from nahright

If you’re like me and you missed the Choose or Lose and Kanye West Present: Homecoming special on MTV earlier tonight, here’s a segment from the show. Kanye heads to the Austin, TX home of Iraq veteran and aspiring rapper Lorenzo Zarate.


Dope segment..

Monday, July 28, 2008

"Chemical Warfare" Marketing Posters

Al... Ship a couple of these to the 92503.

The whole RIV will be plastered.

The Greatest Juan Epstein ever? Fat Joe as Guest

Download: Season 2, Episode 2

Mixtape Monday: Ludacris and DJ Drama - The Preview

It’s here. Download link below. Right-Click and view image above for track listing.

DOWNLOAD: Mixtape: Ludacris & DJ Drama - The Preview

Preview Review?

Steady, Strong-Armed from that mugga LDN

Video: Alchemist feat. Prodigy and Nina Sky "Keys to the City"

FINALLY!!!... I can restfully sleep now.

Chemical Warfare has a release date. October 28th. Two years too late, but I'll take any new Alchemist shit reguardless of it's tardiness.

Nice Look throwin' "BabyBoy P" in place of his father.

The last time, this trio hit us with something, it actually took off. Hope this joint makes some kind of noise.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Day 4 with Peter and Ciph: Interview with the Gym Class Heroes

I've been slacking on the Juan Ep posts. Well now that they're syndicated on morning radio it's not like people have to turn to the blogs anymore to catch the show.

On Thursday they interviewed Gym Class Heros Travis McCoy, which was probably one of the better guest they had this week. I haven't really heard too much of their shit but I'm diggin that Wayne callab they played.


Download: Morning Show (07/24/08) - Part 1 | Part 2

Behind the Scenes of "My Life" - Buck and Game : Life After G-Unit (Re-United)

Spotted this at LDN's Spizzle.

Here's some footage of the shoot.

As corny as all the beef shit is, I'm curious to hear what the alleged mixtape is going to sound like.

Termanology ft. Bun B - How We Rock (Prod. by DJ Premier)

Jesus Christ, check out the production credits on this bitch.

Termanology hooks up with Multi-Platinum rapper Bun B of UGK & producer DJ Premier for his new single “How We Rock.” When asked how the collaboration came about, Term stated “Around the time when i released “Watch How It Go Down,” Bun B reached out to Premier and expressed interest in working with me.” I ended up hangin with Bun at his birthday party in Houston and me preem & bun cooked up this track for my album - “How We Rock.” We’re shooting a video shortly, look for it!”

Termanology will be releasing his debut LP, Politics As Usual, on September 30th, 2008 via ST. Records/Nature Sounds. Politics As Usual features a who’s who list of producers who chipped in to make Termanology’s debut a very, very special record; those producers include: DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Alchemist, Hi-Tek, Havoc, Nottz, Buckwild, Large Professor + Easy Mo Bee.

That's a serious line-up.

Typically, Term isn't my cup of tea, due largly to the fact I find it extremely difficult to listen to someone with a lighter skin complexion than mine rap about guns and coke, but with Premo on the boards and a guest spot from Bun, it's hard to deny the dopeness.

Download/Listen to : Termanology ft. Bun B - How We Rock (Prod. by DJ Premier)

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Last Chapter of the PennyShow / NORE F*ckery

Thank God It's mothafunkin friday. For real, it's been a hectic week. I have to knock out 5 chapters of testing plus a final and two mid-term test in the next 5 days.

So Listen, Shot out to the two that commented on the gang injunction posts below.

I was hoping to spark conversation and make people aware of this law, especially now that's in enforced in my city.

With that said, If you thought this blog was on some political shit, you might want to exit now, cuz it's about to get hood.

Listen, alot of you thirsty ass pervs were directed to my site doing Google blog searches for that now infamous Pennshow/Noreage Bang Bros. Episode, and it hasn't been avaialbe to anybody in more than 30 second incriments.

well since I'm such a swell guy, I've decided to give another Friday Night Treat to y'all.

18 & Over please, not suitable for children, definently NSFW

PennyShow featuring NORE in 2 minute clips

My 92503 Heads.... Know what's going on.

The Gang Injunction Law might be something you've heard of, most of the Cali Heads reading possibly have the law already pre-exsisting in your city or town already.

But if you aren't in the know, us Riverside residents now fall under the juristiction of the radical and extreme/controversial hand of our state's Gang Injunction law.

(taken from

10:00 PM PDT on Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Press-Enterprise

A new prosecutor has been appointed to handle Riverside County gang injunction cases.

Deputy District Attorney Mike Mayman is replacing Jack Lucky, who was appointed as a judge this week by Gov. Schwarzenegger.

Mayman worked for three years as a civil lawyer before joining the district attorney's office in 2000 and has been working with Lucky since November. He was added to the injunction team because Lucky was pursuing the judgeship, Lucky said.

Lucky finalized Riverside County's first gang injunction in Riverside in January and, with Mayman's help, is pursuing a second injunction in Cathedral City.

Gang injunctions have become a controversial issue with District Attorney Rod Pacheco and Riverside Police Chief Russ Leach disagreeing on how the Riverside injunction should be enforced.

A gang injunction is a civil order that prohibits individuals identified as members of a given gang from congregating in certain areas or wearing gang paraphernalia, among other restrictions. Law enforcement agencies across Southern California have used them to disrupt gang activity.

The district attorney's office is looking for another lawyer with experience in civil practice to help prosecute the injunctions and prepare any future injunctions, Mayman said.

He said he did not learn until this week that the office was planning on adding a second prosecutor to the injunction staff permanently.

"Jack was a good teacher, and I don't see any problems," he said.

He said he will work alone on injunctions until a second prosecutor is chosen. He did not know when that would be.

My people... Educate yourselves and Get Familiar.

The Game ft. Travis Barker "Dope Boys" OFFICIAL Music Video

Everybody with a Camera and YouTube account had their own version of the ''behind the scenes"

Here's the official. It's rumored the picture catching fire at the end is the same one he referred to on "My Life"

It looked he was burning a picture of himself to me though.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

T.I. and others speak on Bun B and Pimp C

Big Ups to

Wasn't too familiar until their videos started making rounds on WSHH.

This is what we need more of. Paying Homage to the ones who paved the way. Fuck all this Soulja Boy/Tyga/Yung Berg dis-respect shit.

Maino speaks on Rick Ross C.O. Scandal

The Game clears up Em/Proof reference in "My Life"

If you're an avid "HipHop Blogger/Reader" you're aware of the subliminal shots at Em The Game took on the previous version of the song,

Within a mere 24 hours of the leak. Interscope Representives and The Game have already made it priority to shoot down any rumors of the below line being deemed ''dis-respectful"

Here's the verse

You see them 24’s spinning, I earned ‘em/and all the pictures of me and Em, I burned ‘em/ so there ain’t no proof that I ever walked through 8 Mile/and since there’s no Proof, I’ll never walk through 8 Mile

Here's Game's response:

When I originally wrote the song “My Life” I was trying to think back on events that affected my life and how they changed me. When I first got signed to Aftermath and G-Unit I was exposed to so many different people from Dre to Em to 50 to Proof. I always identified with Proof. We were always cool and he would reach out to me when ever I was going through something I remember when Proof died vividly and now every time I think about going to Detroit I get depressed. That is what I was trying to say in that verse and the more I looked at I realized that people would take it the wrong way…the way they are taking it now that it leaked. So I decided to change it so that this bullshit wouldn’t happen and now it’s happened anyway. For the record, this is not the version on my album, this is not the version that radio will get and this is not the version that I just shot the video to. Furthermore, I apologize to anyone who took this the wrong way as that was never my intention.

Apparently they just wrapped the shoot for this in L.A. I'm asssuming it was after or somewhere around the duration of this shoot when the infamous SpiderLoc 40 Glocc/ Wayne and Baby confrontation took place.

Here's the Diss Free "4th" Version (I think) of the track:

Download/Listen to (the new, diss-free version): The Game feat. Lil Wayne - "My Life"

We Depressed: DJ Khaled's Most Annoying Moments

rap sheet

We Depressed! DJ Khaled’s Most Annoying Moments


“Lissssssssssssssstennn: I’m about to bust ass.”

Hate him or love him, you can’t deny that DJ Khaled—the man of a million terrible catchphrases—has become one of the funniest rap dudes on the Internet. There’s loud, irritating, and obnoxious…and then there’s Khaled, who’s like the perfect storm of douchebaggery.

Now don’t get us wrong, we mess with a few of Khaled’s “featuring every rapper from the South” posse cuts (watch the “Out Here Grinding” video), and we definitely commend his hustle, but it seems like every week a random new Khaled clip pops up on YouTube that makes us shake our head. With Khaled’s new album We Global on the way, it’s only right that we analyze his most obnoxiously entertaining on-camera moments…




Your man says his magic word no less than 13 times in the first 33 seconds of this clip. Wow. He also states that one of his goals is to own gas stations. Hmmm…Arab stereotype, much?

Everybody knows I hate Dj Khaled as much as the next man but you've gotta respect him, even though you think he's an extreme douchebag. This blog sums it up perfectly. lol

Swiped from NahRight by way of Complex. Click the complex link to read the rest.

Funny Shit!!!!!

The Game feat. Lil Wayne - "My Life"

Here's some new heat from the "Blood Brothers" although Wayne wasn't ''soowwooppinnn'' to much the other day.

Download/Listen to : The Game feat. Lil Wayne - "My Life"

The posts are going to be a little light the next week or so.

Which is why I'm graciously running NahRight's and HipHopDx's feeds on my blog. Cuz they stay current, and are much better at this shit than I am.

and any other 92503 Native's should know I've added the Press Enterprises feed as well.

Well i'll be posting again soon.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

BangBus F*ckery with NORE

Nothing to add here.

Just find it ironic that the minute I add porn to the blog the traffic instaneously doubles

Thirsty ass ''Google Blog Fishers" and shit. ::shakes head::

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

PorNoreaga ....

Lifted from NahRight.

N.O.R.E. Featured in New Bangbros Episode


Nore makes a special appearance in a new episode over at world class (or so I’ve heard) porn site Hit the jump for a description of the scene.

On today’s Penny show we have a very special guest, the world renowned rapper N.O.R.E. There are very few times we see Penny star struck but she is a huge fan of this guy as I’m sure many of you are as well. He’s on the show to promote his new album in which he crosses over from Hip Hop into Reggaetone. Hearing of this, Jason (penny’s neighbor and also aspiring rapper) joins us to see if he can’t get a few pointers from NORE on how he might be able to break into the rap game. NORE was nice enough to humor Jason as the guy is obviously a total dueche. Feeling sorry for the guy, Penny treats him to a massage with a very happy ending from a Korean masseuse. Then Penny fucks some dude.

Link: pennyshow Episode: “N.O.R.E.” (Super NSFW!)

Fu*kery of the Week: Terrrance has Mario serinade Rocsi after their On-Air Lover's Quarrel

Someone please shoot these two, seriously.

Jay Z and Lil Wayne perform "Hello Brooklyn" at Hammerstein

Jay-Z Ft. Lil Wayne - Hello Brooklyn/Duffle Bag Boy (Live at Hammerstein).


Jay, Free, Bleek and Beans "What We Do" Live at Hammerstein

Video: "Out Here Grindin" Ace Hood and DJ Khaled feat. Miami

As much as I hate the fuck. I have to admit, I've liked this song ever since I first heard Khaled shamelessly giving Kanye a preview of it 4 months ago.

Video: Cipha Sounds and Peter Roseberg/ Juan Epstein : Day Two at the new Job

"Their heads are swelling as we speak"

Not really feeling the new ''uppity/morning radio" format to the show.

A totally different vibe from the Cranky Puerto Rican / Self-Loathing Jew energy that was Juan Epstein.