Friday, July 11, 2008

Bon Voyage' : Last PodCast of Juan Epstein and another possible Hiatus

Looks like us that are located outside of the Hot97 air-waves are fucked as previously stated.

anyway, here's the last podcast of "Juan Epstein Season 1" or whatever they've branded it, and yes I'm bitter. I'm going to miss these the shenanigans of these two fucks.

Juan Epstein "Season One Finale"

(Juan Epstein "Season One" Finale')


and I will also be taking another periodic break due to real life shit that I tend to neglect in order to keep all the WHOPPING 6 of you loyal readers, entertained.

Big shots to Mobile, Alabama.

Paterson and Wayne, New Jersey.. Philadelphia... A lot of foreign countries I can't remember and a couple of other re-occuring IP Addresses/locations that I get on my tracker.

Who knows, I'll probably see some random fuckery that'll tempt to me to post again in the next week or so, just how I'm feelin now, and possibly permanently.