Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Farewell to Juan Epstein?

So Epstein just informed everybody in the internet world that he and Juan have been promoted to the overly-due, morning shift at work.

Could this be the end of Juan Epstein? I really don’t know. Ciph and I have not discussed what the future holds for that drunken Puerto Rican Jewish son-of-a-gun, but this Thursday, we will convene to record a special “What will happen to Juan?” episode of Juan Epstein. We will address our futures at Hot 97 and the fate of your favorite podcast. Thursday evening you will get some answers

NahRight reported that they've made the transition to weekday mornings on Hot 97. about a week or two ago.

Which means if you're not of the Tri-State's radio frequency, you're now fucked.