Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Why do I Blog? 92503 P.S.A.

First off: Shouts out to my dudes in Jersey, Alabama, Chi-Town, all the foreign countries, and a couple of New York heads that fuck with me on a consistent basis.

but I'm Effing PISSED.

EDIT: took everything down was feeling a bit too sensitive last night.

good lookin out to philly and paterson though.


Anonymous said...

Damn dude..... i see that u wanted to get that of ur chest, anyway,.. i've been paying attention to your blod for the past year now and i have to say its been quit entertaining, form the Iron mic battles, down to iterviews that u post,.... good shit man. hope u keep the blog up....

masivo hailing for p-town nu jeru.

Mr_92503 said...

That's what's up "P-Town"

you're Paterson, Jersey correct? One of the few re-occuring readers that actually keep me fueled.

I see you, you and handful of others from Jersey that fuck with me, don't know why but the blog seems to appeal alotta y'all Dirty Jerz residents.


Martin said...

Chicago checking in...

Have to love the police and their "reasons" for pulling someone over.

Good to hear they weren't assholes and didn't take a page out of Chicago's Finest book.