Thursday, July 17, 2008

Video: The real reason Soulja Boy gets shitted on by Old Heads

Highest selling digital song of all time? Highest seling ringtone? ... How long have these even been an equation in the rap world? .... 1 year?

"If you need me for a feature or you need me for a beat.. Holla at me. Niggas hollerin' .. I aint really on them lyrics and shit like that, you know I don't really do all that.. I aint really for that. Niggas don't wanna hear that shit in the club, niggas don't wanna hear that shit from me"

While he does have a point that, ''niggas'' don't want to hear that shit from him, this is essentialy, the reason why Ice-T got on him like that.

Of course we all understand ''rap is a hustle''. Of course we all want to get out the hood. Of course we aint gonna ''knock your hustle''. But don't shit where you eat my dude.

You can't come into the game, a teen who had an extremely random streak of luck. Then turn on the exact ART-FORM that got you all that money you so flagrantly brag about. I know dude's a kid, when I was 17 you couldn't tell me shit either but it's got to be aggravating for people who've actually Paid Dues to see a little shit-head so ignornantly disrespect the artform like that.