Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rick Ross interview on Power 98.3: Still Denying the Pictures?

With a host of shit I have to do, and taking calls about this earthquake. I had to do this.

Ross still denying it? Come On Dogg. I've been riding with you so far, but you gonna take this shit to the extent aren't you?

It aint that you were a C.O. It's because you lied about it. Lying is a major character flaw, especially in the game you in. Just keep it funky. Admit the shit and make up some excuse.

Say you didn't want to say shit, cuz you was doin dirt in the pen and didn't want the judicial system to remember that you were in jail ''trafficiking white'' to the prisoners or some shit. C'mon man, you creative on that mic. Apply to this.

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