Friday, July 18, 2008

50 Cent Diss: "Paper Plate" - GZA

"You ever seen someone who roll with Mayweather, Rhyme like Ricky Hatton, smash whatever you throw, 1,000 is what I'm battin, gotta few hooks but no jabs, ::un-intelligble:: corn dog books and notepads, I get it you got rich robbin those in the industry, bite off this one, steal from your enemy"

Mixed Emotions about this, primarily...

To little to late, definently not ''2nd Round Knockout" but still has it's moments...

and why GZA waited this long, I have no idea, because truthfully, by this time.. I feel, any potenially harmful 50 dissing there is/was.. he's already inflicted upon himself.

Download - "Paper Plate (50 Cent Diss)"- GZA

another 2 Dope Boyz Hi-Jacking.