Sunday, July 20, 2008

So. Cal Sundays.... Bishop Lamont Interview with Dj Whoo Kid

Bishop on Detox.

" I mean the album gotta make nigga's ear's bleed, head's bust when you listen to it, something's gotta happen.. you know.. the niggas got headphones for $350 a pop, niggas is like damn the headphones 350 dollars what's the album gonna be like? what's the album's gonna be like... it's gotta do something. Cure cancer, cure aids, makes bitches breasts grow correctly"

It it's Whoo Kid and Bishop.. you know jokes are abound.

Bishop sat down with Whoo Kid and to discuss the standard shit... his new music, Detox, future project, and most importantly, how the "Ice-T vs. Soulja Boy" beef is the most serious beef goin on right now.

If you haven't picked up "The Confessional" .. I don't know what to tell you. Google "Blog Search" it or some shit.