Saturday, July 19, 2008

Video: Shawty Lo responds to TIP and the Club Crucial Brawl

Here's my impersonation of a Shawty Lo interview.

Interviewer: So how's the album coming along?

Shawty - I don't know if T.I. wu what he say he wu... knowuhhI'msaye this altercation at the cluh nigga say he happened T.I. I got kids nigga I'm from Bankhead nigga when I came home, I was in the streets goddamn knowahsayin' it's only gooddamn one sheet, one beat.

Interviewer - ::blank stare:: So what happened the other day at the club with the alleged altercation

Shawty - I'm from Bankhead, T.I. somebody gah win, it's T.I. the White Man win ::sadatay Pootie Tang Jibberish:: say fruh Bankhead he aint be no godamn hood bankhead knowhatIsay' nigga where's so folk dun came from Bankhead, my swahhhh, ATL with Shawty Lo.. T.I. wuhhh.

Interiewer: ?????"

I'll be honest, I fucks with Lo. But he's not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Dude's in dire need of some Media Training. If you can make out this un-intelligible fuckery, please interpit.