Thursday, July 17, 2008

Video: Al Queda member threatens rap group Three-Six Mafia

::buzz in earpiece::

Oh.. That's not the Taliban? It's rapper Khia Shine? .....


Instead of using this oppurtunity to align himself with his cities biggest stars, and chocking up the experience to something equivalent of a "Big Homie pulling me to the side and checking me" type of situation.

Memphis Rapper Kia Shine who was recently SONNED by Dj Paul of Three-Six Mafia felt at liberty to waste 10 minutes of everybodies time giving a play-by-play of what happpened as if we weren't bright enough to pick up on the video's actions ourselves, and dodge addressing the real issue of his initial "bitch-assness" being the reason the whole ''beef'' started in the first place.

::shakes head::

Takin' an L and reaching out to the Mafia would've been the obvious chess move to me. Especially after preaching all that ''unification'' bullshit.

But it seems Checkers is still the hood favorite.