Thursday, July 17, 2008

Video: Vimby interviews The Hundreds

Don't know dude's exact position, or if he par-took in the line's success.. but I like how dude made starting a clothing line sound so effort-less.

''It all started with a website, it was blog at first and then decided to start making T-Shirts you know, in the last few years it started really blowing up you know and really it just kind of blew up from there"

I fucks with the Hundreds, 3-Sixteen, Crooks, Obey, and a handful of others. Most streetwear has gotten blatantly un-original and it's a only a few that still put out new seasonal shit that actually tops their previous seasons work.

but c'mon.

There's a lot of people paying BaJilllionnnnnsss of dollars to these bullshit ass ''Fashion Institutes'' in hopes of being in a similar position as you one day, and all you're going to give them is this?

I don't know.

That's basically my only beef with the Fashion world is that most of these Designers make the fashion game sound extravagant and fail to relay the important message that it takes HARD WORK, Dedication/Persistence etc. (just as with anything) to actually make it pop off.

I just wish more designers would educate these kids, so we can stop them from being extorted and mis-lead by these ''Institutes" .... Just as going to ''art school'' doesn't necessarily insure you're going to be an ''artist''. Don't jump into the real world with fake dreams kiddies.

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