Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Video: 60 Minutes with Barney Frank 12.14.08

Barney Frank has been called the "smartest guy in Congress," which is lucky for us since he works on some of the thorniest issues around.

The 14-term, 68-year-old Harvard-educated Democratic congressman from Massachusetts is chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, which means his portfolio includes banks, housing and now the auto industry.

He has been at the center of both the $700-billion dollar rescue for financial institutions, and the bailout attempt for the car companies that failed in the Senate.

He worked on both this past week: pressuring Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson to deal with home foreclosures, and negotiating with the White House on the loan for GM and Chrysler. True to textbook liberalism, Barney Frank worked hard to keep the carmakers out of Chapter 11.

Reguardless of the heavy criticism, I think this man is an Icon. There are a number of reasons why.