Saturday, October 18, 2008

Video: Late Show w/ David Letterman - Sen John McCain, Full Interview

The full 25 minutes.

Finally after the Al Davis dinner, McCains show some humility.

I remember hearing of McCain in past elections, didn't quite know too much about him, no more than I knew about Obama. But I hear his campaign in previous runs actually made alot of sense. As opposed to the bullshit I see now.

I don't want readers to think I'm a ''leftist'' or ''liberal'' which I was just called for the first time ever an hour ago.

I'm just for someone who makes sense.

In John's defense, If you are leaning towards him for President I recommend you watch this interview. If McCain has ever had a plea to his case this appearance on Letterman would probably be one.

Dave actually only sticks it to him in the last 3 minutes, and for the First Time that I've ever seen gets questioned about Gordon Litty.