Sunday, November 9, 2008

Video: Rahm Emanuel: Middle-class tax cut a priority for Obama

ABCs George Stephanopoulos talked with Rahm Emanuel who will be Barack Obamas White House Chief of Staff. Emanuel stressed that Obamas economic plan is based on giving 95 percent of Americans a tax cut.

Politicos Mike Allen has more details here.

This video is from ABCs This Week, broadcast November 9, 2008.

Ever since Rahm Emanual confirmed that he has accepted Barack Obama's offer for the White House Chief of Staff position, he has been in the hot seat. He's one of the most searched names of Yahoo, right now.

This presedential cycle is going to be like no other, even in 2004. The internet wasn't as informative as it is now. The next 4 years will be quite interesting.

In these videos he touches on the alleged "stimulus package" discussed in Friday's Press Conference and how he plans on CUTTING OFF current vice president Dick Cheney's funding for his ''legislative branch''

for the record, I think I mis-lead people, it appears the ''stimulus package'' isn't going directly to our bank accounts like the one earlier this year did.

and the Chris Matthews video I think is a bit dated.