Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Video: Hank Paulson PRESS CONFERENCE 11-12-08

Paulson pisses away more US taxpayer money, still won't tell us who got what and now he wants to change the rules. This dude makes shit up as he goes. Paulson went so far as to say the Treasury and Federal Reserve may set up a new program to provide funding to consumer finance companies.
Now the Treasury Secretary says he doesn't want to buy troubled mortgage assets. So it's now time for a strategy change.

"Although the financial system has stabilized, both banks and non-banks may well need more capital given their troubled asset holdings, projections for continued high rates of foreclosures and stagnant U.S. and world economic conditions," Paulson said.

CNBC engaged in a ''round table'' discussion about the irresponsibility of Hank Paulson.

Discussion get heated about the secrecy and arbitrariness of the TARP bailout. Now the plan changes!! Game changes keep confusing market investors.

what a shame Bush's presidency has become, this man will leave with zero integrity if he doesn't show a bit of good leadership in his last 69 days.