Sunday, February 15, 2009

92503 News: Rep. Ken Calvert Rap Sheet

To view the full sized Police Report, click Calvert's Arrest Report here

Oh what lovely tool the internet is.

Yes, just like every repressed Evangelical Conservative Politician who always somehow seem to find themselves in the middle of a sex scandal.Calvert was involved in his own.

Wow he's even voted against the recent SCHIP bill President Obama passed in order to give our children nationalized Health Care.

Here are a bit of controversies he's been directly tied to, credit: Wikipedia. org

In September 2006 (and again in 2007 & 2008), Calvert was named one of the "20 Most Corrupt Members of Congress" in a report by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. The organization said "His ethics issues stem from his use of earmarks for personal gain and his connections to a lobbying firm under investigation."[7]

[edit] Connections to lobbyists
Calvert went with businessman Thomas Kontogiannis and now-convicted Congressman Randy Cunningham on a December 2004 trip to Saudi Arabia. They were accompanied by Rancho Santa Fe businessman Ziyad Abduljawad, who paid for the trip. Kontogiannis is currently an unindicted co-conspirator (#3) in the Cunningham scandal.[8]

The activities of lobbying firm Copeland, Lowery, Jacquez, Denton and White (now dissolved) is currently under investigation by a federal grand jury. On May 23, 2006, the FBI obtained Calvert's financial records at the same time it pulled the records of Representative Jerry Lewis, who is at the center of the Copeland Lowery lobbying controversy. Calvert helped pass through at least 13 earmarks sought by Copeland Lowery in 2005, totalling over $91 million.

Earmarks for the Corona Transit Center
In May 2007, the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct of the U.S. House of Representatives sent Calvert a letter stating that his earmark request for $5.6 million for the Corona Transit Center did not, in the committee's opinion, constitute a "financial interest". The transit center, a hub for rail commuters and an a transfer point for bus connections, is in the vicinity (from .1 miles to 1.7 miles) of seven properties in which Calvert has an ownership interest. Calvert had successfully obtained earmarks of $700,000 in 2004 and $500,000 in 2006 for the transit center. [9]

[edit] Personal
In 1993 Calvert was arrested for soliciting a prostitute.[10][11] The Riverside Press-Enterprise went to court to force the Corona police to release the police report. In that report, the arresting officer wrote:

"I observed a male subject in the driver seat... As I made my way to the driver door, a female immediately sat up straight in the front passenger seat. It appeared as if her head was originally laying in the driver's lap... Both subjects were extremely nervous. I noticed that the male subject was placing his penis into his unzipped dress slacks, and was trying to hide it with his untucked dress shirt... The male subject started his vehicle and placed it into drive and proceeded to leave. I ordered him three times to turn off the vehicle, and he finally stopped and complied... The male identified himself as Kenneth Stanton Calvert... and stated 'We're just talking that's all, nothing else.' ...I spoke with Linberg separately. I asked her if she had ever been arrested for anything, and she said, 'Yes, for prostitution and under the influence of heroin.' Linberg said she had last 'shot up' approximately one week prior and is currently on methadone."

Also in 1993, Calvert and his former wife, Robin, were divorced after 15 years of marriage. His ex-wife later accused him of not paying the alimony arranged. In addition, his father committed suicide. After these experiences, Calvert said that the experiences "have helped me mature greatly... and become a better person."[12]

He's running for re-election in 2010, let get this prick out of office.

Inland Residents Joe Baca is our future, please educated yourself, look at what TheMiddleClass.ORG grades his voting record.



Anonymous said...

Hmmm... Not sure who you are, but Joe Baca has nothing to do with 92503. Baca is in the 43rd Congressional District, which doesn't represent Riverside. I also live in 92503, and am fairly politically active.

There are two people currently running against Ken Calvert - Bill Hedrick, a Democrat, and Chris Riggs (sp?), a young Republican. All three are from Corona.

Mr_92503 said...

yeah, I know.

He represents my the city I grew up Rialto.

He was randomly thrown in the post because history shows that Inland Politicians have typically been Conservatives, Ken Calvert's voting record is horrifing.

The reference was, "Inland Residents let us Joe Baca as the future of our elected leaders"

But thanks for clearing up who he's running against. I had no idea who was running against hiim.

Bill Hedrick and Chris Riggs?

Will research

Anonymous said...

Good grief! Where have you been hiding politically?

Bill Hedrick (D) ran against Calvert in November and almost pulled the biggest upset in the nation - 49% to 51%, with a recount looming for weeks after the election. It was in all the papers and blogs!

Bill Hedrick won Riverside (80% of the district) with over 52%, but because of the screwed up district, the Orange county portion (only 20% of the district) was filled with conservatives who put Calvert back in office.

How anyone living in Riverside and even remotely paying attention to this last election would not have heard this is beyond me. Heck, even the PE ran multiple stories about how close Calvert came to being ousted after 16 years and they endorsed him!

If you really want to help get rid of Calvert, you can start by visiting

Mr_92503 said...

''Politically" I wouldn't say I've been ''hiding''

definently unaware.

I appreciate your input though.

very thoughtful. I will investigage.

if you'd like to contribute to the blog.

I'd be delighted.

Bluejay said...

Chris Riggs is a tea party type who is running against Calvert from the right. I would stick with Hedrick.

Have you seen the petitions that are going around? They are sitting in front of grocery stores getting people to sign a petition to outlaw gerrymandering this district to ensure Calvert getting back in. They have about ten petitions for initiatives they want placed on the Nov. ballot. Some of these petitions are legit, but be careful, because the Repugs use this tactic to fool people into registering as a Repug.

Mr. 92504