Monday, February 16, 2009

Alchemist Interview w/ Hip Hop (Chemical Warfare/Alchemist Cookbook)

Fans have been waiting for your album Chemical Warfare for awhile. Are you almost done with it?

This is Chemical Warfare. If you like The Cookbook then you have successfully put one foot into Chemical Warfare. If the temperature’s right in February then you can dive in. I got a couple of last minute strings I’m pulling to make it super-explosive. It’s oing to be the usual suspects and I don’t want to blow it up too much.

What’s the biggest surprise on Chemical Warfare?

I think the whole project in its own is something to me that’s all together. I couldn’t really cite one record or one moment. I have a record with Twista and it’s something special and I have a record with Kool G. Rap. I’m rapping on both of them with them. To be rapping on records with people of that caliber, they’re beyond veterans and O.G.’s to me. Both of them. Not to compare them or put them in the same category in any way, but those records are special to me because I don’t look at myself as a rapper. Both records I had laid my verses. They were songs that I had and I sent them to them to get their approval and make sure that they fuck with it. I made sure that they were cool with how I was rapping on it and they said it was that shit. To hear that from Kool G. Rap, I was like, ‘Yes!’ Both of them were a concept and a style that I had to lock in. Those are dope to me. I can’t wait to put those out. I did a couple of joints with Kool G. Rap. They will both come out, one way or another.

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