Saturday, March 29, 2008

50 Cent Speaks....

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Curtis sat with MTV to give them a sneak preview of Shoot To Kill. He also touches on his political views in the current campaign and his new video game Blood In The Sand.. To think a few years ago my dude was the super gangster. Now he just plays one on TV and takes the executive role. I really dig his take on making a collaborative album.

You should be amazing on the album,” he declared about working with so many other individuals. “You don’t have to write three verses. All you have to do is one. You should write three and pick one. I’m like, ‘You’re a solo artist right?’ I’ll tell them to redo the verse [if it’s not up to snub]. ‘Just do it again. Let’s see what the second one sounds like if we’re not sure.’ They don’t mind. The process is interesting because they’ve developed their own personal liking for things they want to do. But the response to the mixtape material — which has proven to them they should listen — is making them follow what I’m saying.”

Word, I always felt like its a good way to spar and show off skill when you have someone else on the track. No reason for it to have a lazy dude on it.

"50 Cent Speaks" is going to be the new title to anything ''50'' related.. being that.. whenever this man decides to talk about anything .. his take on it is genuinenly amusing