Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sheek fires back at Prodigy...



Toshi over at Rhapsody got up with the big man from the LOX to talk about his new album and single. He also asked him to respond to Ballet P’s assertion that he’s one of the worst rappers ever.

Have you had a chance to read Prodigy’s blog? He called you one of the worst rappers ever.

Yeah, talking about all the rappers he don’t like and they garbage. I don’t know. I’m hotter than him. He’s bugged out. I did make comments before when I said on a verse, “Ya’ll was way more hotter before you got with 50.” It was during the beginning of the diss records with 50. I did throw a dart back then myself. But it wasn’t nothing bad. I felt the music was hot. I just liked the old Mobb Deep shit before. I didn’t like it when they started singing and all that shit. The new music they got with 50, I just didn’t like that. I'mma keep it all the way funky. When I see them, I f*cks with Havoc. That’s my n*gga. We’ll chop it up. He’ll hit me up and all that sh*t. I never really f*ck*d with Prodigy. I just never got the little n*gg*’s swag. I know he’s doing his time right now, right? Go ahead, do that. I ain’t thinking about homey like that.

Were you surprised he brought your name up?
Nah, not at all. He’s a clown. Dudes like them, you let them go. I noticed Nas and none of them never answered nothing about homey. Sometimes they’ll say whatever back. But for the most part, [Prodigy’s] harmless. He’s a f*ck*ng puppy. Any rapper that’s running their mouth, I think a lot of them are straight p*ss**s. Not their homeboys. Not their crew. The actual rapper. I’m not talking about nobody in particular. As far as the tough talk, the actual rapper that gets in the booth, he p*ssy. Come on, dawg. I know your man and the work he put in. But you yourself, n*gg*s will frog you up. Give you noogies and sh*t.

Read the full interview here.