Monday, March 24, 2008

and here's a TON OF PICS..

(of the "Heart of the City Tour STRAIGHT JACKED from

And it looks hot.

And Kanye and lots of other folks hit the stage to perform with them.  More pics when you read the rest…

Folks were spotted arriving to the concert beforehand:

Jigga was happy to see Kanyeezie.

Looks like all of Def Jam hit up the concert.

The Dream opened the concert:

I see his stripper anthems were put to good use.

Jigga looked pretty fresh.

I see things got a bit political.

Kanye performed a set. 

So did Timbaland.

Memph Bleek was all over it of course.

And so was Jeezy:

Def Jam love.

Mary worked it out.

Photog: Mazur/Wireimage

(disclaimer: I, paul king do not take any responsiblity for the corny shit captioning these pictures)

oh and I need a pair of those shades Jigga got on... can someone link me to website where I can purchase them shits... preferabally EBAY .. lol