Friday, March 7, 2008

CellBlock P kicks the original version of "The Mechanic"

entitled "Money buy Guns"

it's all comin back to me.. I knew I heard that ''beat'' before and I knew it somehow linked back to alchemist

Big Twin, Alchemist, 40 Glocc and a couple of others make appearances.. but I alreaadddy knew this.

how you ask?

Well 40 Glocc's MySpace hustle is CRAZZZYYYYY... he's a member on this site.. I forgot the name.. but he ''webcam''s the majority of his life for his MySpace friends

and he had it on at this particular shoot... it was crazy.. Twin, Alchemist, and P were all lookin in the webcam like deer's in headlights... with all these fuck-boy ass fans askin all these odd ass questions.. it was pretty fuckin funny to be quite honest...

anyway... BIG UPS. hold ya head P