Monday, March 3, 2008

GAME gets an early lead on the ''2008 rapper jail bids" race

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As TMZ first reported last night, The Game finally showed up to Twin Towers to serve his weapons-possession sentence, and we've learned that he'll be a "keep away" while inside, meaning that he'll be segregated from the general population while in the joint.

The rapper (real name: Jayceon Taylor) turned up to turn himself in late Sunday night, accompanied by his uber-lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley, and dozens of his friends and supporters wearing "Free The Game" t-shirts. We're told that he was described as being "his usual self" upon check-in.

The Game is supposed to serve 60 days, but we're told that he might not serve even half that many

see ya when you reach the outskirts again... try not to drop the soap. (no homo)