Thursday, March 6, 2008

In the Immortal words of Sean Price...

"Pac got shot, Biggie got shot, Gravy got shot....nobody cares...... Sean Price duke i'm takin it there" - Sean Price

(if you're reading this press play, to see where i'm going with this post)

I'm scouring the internet like I typically do and I read that morbidly obese rapper ''Gravy" (pictured below) .. landed the role of Biggie in his ''loosely based'' autobiographic film.

and the only thoughts that run across my mind are... "who gives a forever tender, mother-loving fuck" .. never heard dude's music.. but I can attest that ''rappers playing rappers'' on movie's has always detracted from the important fact that I am WATCHING A MOVIE .. I didn't think ''beanie'' was right for the job or any other rapper for that matter.

there's this ''fellowship'' of young and old men who make millions every year in the entertainment industry too.. they're called actors they get paid to

Acccccccccccc....................... T'ah (no jamie foxx)

and most of em are pretty good at it. So let them do the job of giving justice to the role of playing one of rap's most Iconic rap figure's... and not..

'' that one fat nigga *no kramer* Gravy from buildimg A-29" .. feel me? Am in the twilight zone on this one.