Monday, March 10, 2008

When Dr. Phil, Rehab, and your own Mother can't help....

who to call on?

Arch Bishop Magic Don Juan of course, silly


“Thirty-three is the year Jesus died,” he explained in L.A. during one of Snoop Dogg’s studio sessions with Teddy Riley and DJ Quik. “Thirty-three years he spent on this world. I figured if Britney gave me 33 minutes of her time, I promise to deal away with the situation. I’ve been there, done that. That’s why I’m spiritual adviser to people like Snoop and other entertainers. I understand God opened up my eyes, and I want to open up the eyes of some of the other individuals that truly need the help. I know what it really is. By her being a young lady, she’s just going through the young-lady symptoms of dealing with kids at an early age. Dealing with money at an early age. Dealing with fame at an early age. Dealing with ‘yes’ people at an early age. That really corrupts some individuals. I’m sure with the prayer with, she will be able to make a true comeback. We need you, Britney. More importantly, your kids need you.

“People are concerned, saying, ‘Yes, Bishop, what do we need to do?’ ” Magic Juan added about the feedback he’s been getting on his site. “Britney knows she has extra fans. … It ain’t nothing like prayer.” …

– First Dr. Phil tries to capitalize from Brit Brit’s breakdown now Bishop Don Juan

oh the fuckkkerrryyyy..... lol