Wednesday, March 5, 2008

and it's official......

Pap Vs. Joe.. Joe VS. Pap... whatever... here's all the tom-fuckery that has transpired within the last 24

Joe speaks to BigVon over here in the Bay at KMEL.. the same station Pap called into the night before to speak his side of the story

Fat Joe speaks to Big Von about Papoose/Curtis

"Yo, I don’t want no problems, I’ve been a fan since Flow Joe" - Fat Joe imitating Papoose.  

Bonus: Fat Joe ft. Dre and Plies - You Ain’t Sayin Nothin 

Go see this man for more.  

story taken from Dajaz

Papoose & Fat Joe both (seperately) called Hot 97 this morning & spoke to Ms. Jones & DJ Envy about the altercation they had in North Carolina. I don't know what to believe until Holiday Inn decides to leak the video lol. Fat Joe recently did his verse on KRS One's "Self Construction" (Stop The Violence Movement song) & now he goes out of his way to go confront Papoose....that'll definitely stop or slow down the violence. I guess the whole "Guilty By Association" theory is back in effect. 50 Cent went after Fat Joe & Jadakiss for doing a song with Ja Rule, so now it seems as if Fat Joe has an issue with Pap because he was on air while 50 & Remy Ma were both clowning him. Musically, we were having a good first quarter with songs coming out consistently but now we have to slow things down with this shit... Below is their interviews from this morning..... I know y'all are gonna rape me for the audio but I know where it originated......bastards....... One!



here's the interview in ''video format'' for all you "smart dumb niggaz" (no kramer) who haven't caught on to the zshare links yet.