Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Pap confirms beef with Joe

taken from Miss Info website


Here’s the audio of Papoose’s phone call to KMEL’s Big Von radio show. Spotted at Nahright…..(and when I checked Eskay’s site, I also peeped this photo of me and Angie that I totally forgot about taking, were did he get that? lol!…it was back during last summer’s Funk Flex car show, right before Jimmy and Sheek got hypnotized by the King Magazine Model Contest….hilarious.)

Papoose’s phone call….

One of the key points in the phoner is Pap’s confirmation that his interview with 50 Cent was the match that light the fire. Pap also says that he was outnumbered by Fat Joe and crew and asked to fight a fair one outside. And he hints at tension that may be already pre-existing between his mentor Kay Slay and Fat Joe. Sharp-eared listeners will also notice that he references his girlfriend Remy Ma and her ongoing dispute with Joe.

Elsewhere, on, Pap says much of the same thing….

“What happens in the streets stays in the streets,” Pap told MTV News … “It was definitely an altercation. I stood tall. Yes, I invited [Joe] for a fair [one-on-one fight], he refused. Yes, I put my hands on him. That’s all I’m saying.”

Pap said a falling-out between Fat Joe and Pap’s mentor DJ Kay Slay is at the heart of his problems with Joe.

“It goes back to the same thing,” he said. “If you having problems with any of my people, you have a problem with me. I’m a loyal dude. Don’t come at me sideways. I’m from Brooklyn. I consider myself to be the most hated MC….”

Ok, the extra bravado at the end was a bit much, but what do you expect. It’s rap.