Wednesday, September 10, 2008

zombieRADIO interviews 40 Glocc of Infamous/G-Unit Records

(40 Glocc interview with Zombie Radio)

Fresh off the West Coast wire, and currently the “it” story on the West Coast, zombieRADIO brings 40 Glocc into the studio to discuss, Weezy, T-Pain, Crips, Bloods, Barack Obama, The New World Order and the legacy of the West Coast. 40 Glocc pulls no punches and answers every question Dev and I through at him with honesty and a perspective unique to him and his history. By far one of the most insightful interviews I have been part of…but rest assured…we didn’t lob softballs at 40 Glocc, we throw hard questions at him and he hit back with hard answers. Gotta respect that.

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I can't tell you how necessary this interview is.

Shot out to ZombieRadio one of the first radio personalities I've heard for a while who don't revovle conversations around controversy.

They really gave 40 a chance to explain his side to all stories the media have tied him into. From the bullshit Gang Injunction, to Weezy, Bangin', him being homeless, Life in the E' ,his views on Obama (which I don't fully agree with, but hey) etc. etc.

If you one of the many who have wrote 40 off as a troublemaker, listen to this interview, hopefully you'll see things for what they are after.