Monday, September 8, 2008

Video: Kanye West Closes VMA’s - "Love Lockdown"

and what would a blog be if they didn't touch on last night's VMA's.

I can attest, this was one of the most bland VMA's I've ever seen.

To my suprise, the british douchebag who was doing all the spots on MTV for it was pretty funny.

I had no idea who he was but he was alright, other than that, you could say Kanye's performance was the only highlight of the ceremony.

Which brought to my attention the sad reality that 2008 was a horrible year in music.

Weezy is our only superstar? His performance with T-Pain was horrendous.

This new Kanye West song? I didn't know what the fuck was going on. I couldn't get with it. At least I have the satisfaction of knowing once I hear the Kanye song clearly I'll probably dig it, but aside from. HipHop took a massive slump this year.

I'm prayin next year we come back full circle.