Thursday, September 4, 2008

Video: Tyga gets relieved of his chain ONCE AGAIN

If anyone reading this goes on youtube, and has seen a "mister92503" post. It is me, well "was" me. Up until YouTube delted my account around two weeks ago.

Check out Tyga's videos and you will probaby see that screen name going off on a grade-school frenzy. I lost my cool when seeing his videos

I know it's very grade school-ish but I went off when the lil dude called my soil "England Empire" in reference to where 40 Glocc's from. Then continued to bash us by sayin we were from ''nowhere'' and ''not even from l.a."

that my friends, is a good way to rile me up.

So in the never ending Saga of "I told you so"

Tyga is relieved of his chain once again, I don't know the history behind this but this news really made my day. Along with Berg Chain Relief foundation too.