Friday, September 5, 2008

Video: Tyga attempts to refute Chain Snatching Video in less than an hour gets sonned by his own people

I know, it's ignorant of me to display video threats between sets of teenagers on the net. But you know what. Like P says

It's "Ignorance at it's finest"

I don't condone violence on the streets, but it's a reality.

Don't scream wolf, if you aint ready for it's arrival.

Tyga just released a video on WSHH attempting to shoot down any rumors of another one of his chains being lifted, within in an hour his people uploaded this.

All I'm sayin is, take your losses like a G. Stop trying to jump on the internet for the sake of conversation. You see Berg releasing videos every other day?

Nah, he knows he took an L. When he surfaces again, the timing will be right. Hire a publicist or something my dude cuz you lookin real bad right now.