Wednesday, September 3, 2008

R.I.P. Juan Epstein

Juan's Case

hate to be the messenger of bad news but the Juan Epstein Podcast is cancelled indefinitely. I can’t fuck with Rosenberg anymore. The guy is straight frontin on giving me his half of the money to buy Latarian Milton (The 7 year old that stole his grandmothers truck because he “wanted to do hoodrat stuff with his friends” ) a Nintendo Wii.

I am a man of very basic principles , if you make a promise, keep it….. Simple. This is not the first promise he has broken and I’m sure will not be the last. I can deal with it either way cause I’m just the type to not give a fuck, but to sheist this kid, who has brought us nothing but joy and happyness, out of his 8th birthday present of a Nintendo Wii is really bothering me. I don’t ask for much, but keeping your word is pretty basic in my eyes. Hopefully this can be resolved but its gone past the $150…. Its gone into really wack territory.

Listen to todays show to fully understand what’s going on.

Epstein's Case

Well I just noticed that Ciph has proclaimed the official indefinite end of Juan Epstein so here is today’s show that explains some of it.

Download: Morning Show (09/03/08)

You guys look at it however you want. I think it is pretty silly to end any sort of trust or friendship over the fact that we disagreed about 150 dollars that he claimed I “promised” to give, but that’s fine.

Also know that after the show I went to the ATM, took out 150 dollars even though I felt Ciph had “jailed” me and when I quietly tried to slide him the dough–he said it was too late and that it was “about my character” and that he can’t f*ck with me anymore.

I hope he changes his mind and wants to bring back Juan Ep, but if not–it was fun while it lasted.

I’m off to SOBS….

Uh Oh, looks like trouble in paradise. Whether this is a hoax or not. I'm grateful for the countless hours of enterainment these two brought about.

I guess we're supposed to ''listen to the show'' to get the coroner's report.

Download/Listen: Cipha Rosenberg Morning Show (09/03/08)