Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Amalam Digital Interview with Heltah Skeltah

AmalgamDigital.com: The album (DIRT) is coming out September 30th, what made you finally go in and create this album?

Sean Price: Time, nawmean. We did two albums, I did two solos. We solidified off of that. We didn’t wanna do Monkey Bars and Jesus Price Superstar again, I did my solos, Rock did Shell Shock. Some people do one because they’re partner is in jail or what ever, but we’re solidified now, it’s time.

AmalgamDigital.com: What is the process for making music, how do you stay inspired and creative?

Sean Price: You know, we go through beats, listen to everything, I hear ‘em. Maybe I like one and Rock don’t like it, or Rock like one and I don’t like it. We have to agree and get busy to them, nawmean?

AmalgamDigital.com: How have y’all progressed from the Nocturnal to Magnum Force now to D.I.R.T.?

Sean Price: How have we progressed? People are cornier now, that’s how. It ain’t no… I’ve seen rappers progressively get wacker which helps us get better.

"One half of Da Incredible Rap Team, Y'all Niggas is smoked out, Incredible Crack Fiends"

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