Tuesday, August 5, 2008

T.G.F. NahRight - Cormega Interview with Dj Premier on HeadQCourterz Radio

NahRight is the unconstested shit.

Anytime I can get a Zshare of Premo's radioshow from anywhere I'm humbled. Paul Wall called in to confirmed that he Isn't DEAD and Mega gives a brief list of who's on Production for his new joint, and trust me you will like the answers.

Mega and Premo are two reasons why I think HipHop should never be forgotten and why I sometimes prefer New York rap over West Coast rap (shrugs shoulder)

I know that due to geographical allegiance, I should only be blogging about Bishop, Crooked, or any of the alleged "New West" but I have to stay true to myself.

anyway, listen to the interview and see what Mega MANTANA's been up to lately.

Download/Listen to : Cormega on Headquarterz Radio with Dj Premier

Shamelessly strong armed from You Know Who