Monday, August 11, 2008

Video: San Bernardino Rock the Bells invaded by MF Doom Imposters

15 Miles from my backyard.

This is ONE of the many reasons I didn't attend this year. I went two years ago when Nas, Ghost and Rae headlined and I was hugely dissapointed.

Aside from the shoe-less, shirt-less, heavily sedated White Boys with Wu Tang Tattoos, and sloppy drunk, hippie bitches attempting to do that ''spiritual/ I'm one with the music" dance. Rock the Bells is typically a pretty good show, but we don't know how to act in the Inland Empire.

And here's a bit of an F.Y.I. for the RTB promoters, try not recycling the same artists you have been for the past 4 years at next years gig, OK.