Wednesday, August 6, 2008

T.G.F. NahRight Pt. 2 - Heltah Skeltah Interview with Dj Eclipse on HeadQCourterz Radio

(this time it's a STRONG ARM)

Rock & Ruste Juxx go up to DJ Premier’s HeadQCourterz show to speak to DJ Eclipse, who was subbing for Premo, about the D.I.R.T. album and the trials/tribulations of his solo career.

Rock & Ruste Juxx Interview on Live from HeadQCourterz

After the interview, they play Everything Is Heltah Skeltah and a new Ruste Juxx cut. For the whole of Saturday’s show, go check out GrandGood. Also, to listen to Friday’s show where Premo interviews Cormega, go here.

I was hoping this would surface after listening to Premo mention it on the Cormega interview.

Mark my words, this album will be pristine.