Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Video: UNN Report: Will Hip Hop Kill Obama's Campaign

I know y'all saw Michelle speak at the D.N.C. the other day.

The speech was moving to say the least, and definently was insurance for a couple of swing voters to sway towards Obama.

With that said, this topic is getting a bit too realistic as the elections get closer. Nas summed it up best in his interview with Tavis Smiley when asked about the relationship between ''HipHop and Obama" and how it might possibly hurt his chances of being voted president.

On a sidenote, isn't there a certain irony in the fact that Barack's running mate is one letter away from one of Hip Hop's most talented artist, haha.

Read the Joe Biden and Joe Budden: Separated at Birth article that COMPLEX did, if not for the story, for the hilarious photoshop.