Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Solange Goes IN!!!!

Don't know if a "pause" or "No Homo" is in order, but for the sake of my reputation I will definently include one of the two in succession to the title. Especially being that I thought I'd never say that.

I'm not really an R&B head, at least not what people consider ''urban R&B".

I love that old soul, Al Green, Curtis Mayfield, Isaac Hayes, The Stylistics, Blue Magic etc. But I digress.

Solange is a name I've never tooken serious because of her elder sibling but she kills this shit. Here's a quote from her blog which I will not link you to. :)

“Unfortunately I’m in an industry where diversity is not celebrated the way it should be. When some people see and hear something different it feels foreign to them and they don’t like that. Everyone has a choice of what they like and that’s a beautiful thing! But record labels, managers, publicist, journalist, media etc… have a tendency to see something work and try to reciprocate that with another artist thinking that’s what makes success. To me what makes success is letting people be truly who they are.

Apparently she aint feelin the industry right now, and let's it be known over Kanye West's "Everything I Am" instrumental, which is funny because the original version's opening verse starts with the name "BEYONCE"

Dowload/Listen to : Solange - F*** The Industry Signed Sincerely