Monday, July 7, 2008

Yung Terd addresses Brisco on Angela Yee's Lip Service

"I don't even address dudes who haven't been on the 106 and Park countdown"- Yung Terd

WTF.. like that's some sort of right of passage??!!!

Generation Y, you got the game fucked up!!!!

I'm trying to keep my inner "Ice-T" from coming out, but if you gonna play a grown man game you gotta pay grown man consquences.

First he welcomes the beef, then he bitches up. Lil Troll sips from a styrofoam cup and says he's going to ''knock them gold teeth out" on Brisco.

BRISCO, please whoop the monkey-shit out this boy.


Anonymous said...

Missed a golden oppty to slam Flo Rida. I guess that's up to Tenn Essee and Geo R. Gia